Incoming waves of bliss are supporting organic singularity of HerStory timeline.

These intense energies waves awakening us to our unconscious contributions to HisStory and its dissolution as the dominant global paradigm.

The Mandela Effect (2016): Distinctly different timelines “appear” to be clashing, when what is happening is the dysfunctional HisStory timeline threads are being merged into HerStory. As a result, we are integrating any fragments we have given birth to over lifetimes that are part of HisStory narratives and our own DNA templates.

These timelines are merging and the process is disruptive, disturbing, dynamic and dazzling!

His Story Archetypal Narratives

  • patriarchal family: our first human love story is eclipsed by power-holding births from alliance marriages (silver spoon babies)
  • family is entitled by a Supreme Demi Urge (Enki/Enllil history); mother is a powerless, easily replaced brood mare
  • Feminine = Beauty & Weakness; Whore/Madonna/TrophyWife/Brood mare
  • Disdain and contempt for truth and truthful communication: deception, deliberate distortions of perception, mind control
  • Disdain and contempt for Nature; seen as Feminine, the nature world must be subdued and dominated; brought to “heel”
  • Power is displayed by: ¬†Power Over Destruction, War, Murder, slash and burn, manifestation, material wealth
  • Hero’s Journey: separation from family and the feminine; Sacrifice, suffering, redemption (for love of family, tribe, community, power conserving or power capturing roles)
  • Artificial Intelligence: internet (external connection to “mine” relationships and information); pathways are artificial light

All ¬†“misinformation” from the HisStory overlays, or experience design templates is pushed through human DNA to generate timelines, organizations of mass consciousness that ‘loop’ and repeat the narrative and reinforce the trance these narratives produce; only circumstances and names change; copies and facsimiles

Her Story Archetypal Narratives

  • mother: our first human love story is protected as mother herself is protected by male energy that is in balance
  • male/father: cherishes (connects, respects, protects)
  • matriarchal family: holds the template of relationships, familial, community, tribal
  • Feminine = Sovereignty, open and strong (body, mind, spirit, action, creative self-expression)
  • Nature is honored, respected, and recognized as a creative expression of Prime Creator, and she creates and sustains physicality
  • No God But Love; end of worship, sacrifice, suffering and redemption as a solo hero’s journey
  • Organic, Original Intelligence: innernet (internal connection to support loving relationships and information); pathways are earth’s water, mineral/crystal, and oil channels

All information from HerStory templates is pushed through human DNA to become timelines that reflect relationship to the Whole in co-creative expression; narratives are original and do not “loop”.

Use Dream Yoga to liberate your consciousness from these HisStory “End Times” looping narratives (reality boxes):

  • Earth changes bring global destruction
  • Organic Humanity destroyed in a 6th extinction event
  • Jesus, and the Second Coming
  • Revelations
  • Apocalypse
  • World War III
  • Authoritarian/Regressive Politics: Fascism, Brutality, elimination of free will and individual choice/action from HerStory perspective
  • Niburu
  • Planet X
  • Return of the Annunaki
  • Satan/Lucifer Unchained; Archon Inspired
  • Artificial Intelligence: Singularity to Transhumanism/Cyborgs

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Prerequisite: reliable and regular dream recall.

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Don’t know the about the source of His Story? Get up to Her speed! Gaia-Sophia began her correction in 2011. On September 16th, 2016 she divided the Earth, into old earth and Earth 2.0 (new earth.)