Spiritual Enlightenment, Complete Surprise, Ultimate Satisfaction, Energetic Balance and Sacred Union

A year after my husband graduated from medical school, I took a much-needed week in retreat at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia. In March of 1989 during this retreat that focused on the out-of-body state of awareness, I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening. I had no idea what kundalini was when this happened; however, this powerful, directed force of pure creative/life energy brought the unepected gift of a massive change in my consciousness and the result of experiencing energy flowing through me completely unobstructed. This experience is commonly described as spiritual enlightenment. It was a complete surprise. Over the cours of time, it has led to the bliss of experiencing ultimate satisfaction and energtic balance in my daily life.

This experienced changed my live, and my life change cascaded into changing the lives of hundreds of other people. First and foremost, the lives of my two children who essentially lost their mother to a spiritual journey that didn’t include them directly.


Back home after the retreat, cutting my lifeline to ‘normal,’ I jumped out of the capsized craft of an unhappy marriage into a dark ocean alone. Yet, inwardly, I felt a deep sense of connection to a bigger ocean of infinite love and compassion. I let go of an abusive relationship and an identity that I know would have eventually killed me.  I never let go of my love for my two sons but our relationships changed radically. My awakening was a painful soul shock for them which they perceived as abandonment.

The mother my sons knew went away for a week, and someone else came back in her place wearing her body. My meta-being had arrived from the future. I was completely conscious about this transition and this journey through ‘time’ to be in a healthy body that had been designed through the genetics of a bloodline that included ancient royalty that has been established on Earth going back as far as the Ophanum.

Source/Gaia Coded DNA is turned on

During the enlightenment experience, all of my Source sparked Gaia coded DNA was switched on. This meant that my personality was taken through a complete review of human species life experiences on earth, and elsewhere. Prior to this experience, I was aware I had been born with soul memory, a gift most of the human species has been deprived of intentionally. After this experience, my soul memory was complete. There were no more gaps in continuity of consciousness between multiple “births” and multiple “deaths.” I call the experience of seeing all of my past incarnations as a human being ‘the Rolodex’ and going it through it was, of course, a complete surprise.

This was a lot of information to sort through, integrate, unify and embody as I began living my life purpose as a bridge builder and translator of pure energy into language, creativity, action, and relationships that are devoted to the liberation and full awakening of Gaia’s organic human beings on planet earth.

Gradually, I learned to integrate massive amounts of energy with traveling to wherever I was invited and teaching whatever information and technique being shared with my personaliy consciousness. The information I needed to learn to translated arrived on a daily basis.

Now, gifted with direct knowing, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, all hallmarks of a classic enlightenment, I set out on a journey of bringing a unique perspective about the limitless possibilities of life to many people in many parts of the world. My body became a living library.

The energy flowing through my body also ached to be shared in a hands-on way.  In 1990, I was ordained so that I would be able to offer spiritual counseling and hands-on healing through a recognized profession. I also became a certified emergency medical technician through the auspices of the Woodstock, New York volunteer fire department. Thank you for being part of my living lessons.

Going global

My life purpose conspired to orchestrate the circumstances of going global with the information of my ongoing living lessons.

For a period of several weeks in 1991, 1992, and 1993 in Moscow, Russion under the supervision of Dr. Larisa Gerasimova I assisted with the healing of critically burned patients on the men’s ward at the Sklifosovsky Insitute.

Under the supervision of Dr. Nikolai Kharisov, I healed patients at Firm Doktor. Under the supervision of Alexei and Arkady at Moscow Institute of Diagnosis and Surgery , six kids with 4th stage cancers went into remission as a result of our healing collaboration.

Students from all walks of life and professions joined me from around the world discovering greater self-realization and their innate ability to heal with loving touch. So many amazing, soulful sojourners!

Thank you to Russia, and the people and land of Russia for giving me permission to be with you in this way, especially for beginning this work just at the historical moment when the Soviet Union had begun its break-up and collapse.

Our wilingness to risk sharing love soul to soul, brother to brother, with all that expresses as reality? This is essential to the journey of awakening, the bliss of sacred union: Source, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as the trinity that is creation.

Through these co-creative healing experiences, I learned first-hand, experientially that there is something…more….something intelligent…some bigger love surpassing death…that connects us, guides us deeper into each other and into ourselves. Our loving hearts are key.

I travel the world teaching, lecturing, presenting at international conferences, facilitating workshops and retreats and integrating soul fragments from my past/alternate lives on earth.  Russia, England, Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Scotland, France. The Great Pyramid at Giza. Birthplace of Aphrodite on the island of Cyprus. Notre Dame. Antibes, France.

Online: Sweden, Japan, Spain.  So it continues.

Continuity of Soul Memory

Death of several other loved ones earlier in life taught me to relax into the mysterious domain of healing where our bodies die to serve our spirits and this outcome never feels anything but unjust. At the bedside of the terminally ill, hospice caregiver, family caregiver, I have assisted many human beings through unexpected expressions of Self through pain, suffering and death.

When I was 20, I lost my childhood best friend. In 1996, I lost a best friend and potential life partner to the eternal domain of golden light.  Challenged and heart-broken by these profound journeys into greater wisdom and spirtual insight, I received ever more complex and demanding opportunities that have always circled back to discovering what love is and practicing simply being love in a grounded, real somewhat ordinary life.

In the presence of pain, suffering and death, I simply contributed the energy of the Source love that is creation, including creation of these bodies through which we live and learn. This is continuity of soul memory.

Love in Action

At Moscow Institute of Diagnosis and Surgery, Alexei asked how was it possible for late-stage, terminal cancers to go into remission? Alexei and Arkady witnessed this happening in their cramped little office duringmy hands-on healing sessions. These dear fellows , who had only opened their door to me because they were Christians, had the resources to medically verify dissolved tumors and radical, permanently changed blood chemistries in their pediatric patients with fourth stage Hodgkins lymphoma.

“How do you do this?” They asked, amazed, their minds opened to unimaginable new possibilities of energy healing as part of health care.

“Love. I share love.” I said.

“Is it possible to teach people to love the way you love?” Alexei, an adorable strawberry blonde psychologist wth twinkling blue eyes inquired of me in earnest. By this time, the people I was associated with in the medical world implored me to stay in Russia and make it my home. While I had come to love Russia and its people, I had two children waiting for me in the United States even though our ‘normal’ home life had been obliterated.

“I believe it is possible. I live this first, and teach this through who I am. What I know for sure is learning to love is the soul/sole reason we’re alive here.  Life is a glittering, gorgeous, meandering, distracting, possibly horrific path which inevitably leads us back to ourselves, back to hearts broken open into greater love, by love, in love, for love.” This is love in action.

Working locally to impact national affairs

Many Years later, I exerted the same effort and shared the same energetic intensity and love, this time for my local community, working locally to impact nationa affairs in the United States by getting Congressman Bernie Sanders elected to Vermont’s vacant senate seat. The hands-on aspect in this adventure included organizing events and knocking on thousands of doors in Franklin County, Vermont and getting to know Bernie Sanders’ integrity and heart.  My job as a regional campaign manager provided a remarkable opportunity to connect with Vermonters on both sides of the political aisle.

An introvert, I did a giant step in learning how to just talk to people. Major life lesson there.

Energetic Balance and Sacred Union

Evolution of consciousness, spiritual transformation, energy balance between co-creative polarities of feminine/masculine expressions of Source orchestrates the ultimate satisfaction of merging Meta-being with personality with physical body.  This is the experience of being the embodiment of love. This is how we, as human beings, leave the 3D construct and open into our organic state of bliss connected to Source, Gaia, ourselves, and all of humanity. This is sacred union.  As we deepen into the experience of sacred union with our divine counterpart(s), we become mature co-creators. This is our purpose for being in bodies on planet earth at the time of the Great Turning.

Once on the organic bliss path of sacred union, we are returned to the Garden of Eden. We are home. We co-create with Gaia and her four elements; earth, fire, water, air.   We, the embodiments of love, are the fifth element in co-creation.

Changing lives

Now? Now I continue to grow, change, and share living lessons that are who I am within the bliss of completing creation. I enjoy my family. I’m delighted by my grandhildren. I’m surprised in unexpected ways by dear friends. I love healing, teaching, and writing, and exploring the infinite playground of consciousness.

Now, whenever anyone asks me what I do, I keep it simply by replying “I change lives.”

Here are a few pictures from my living on purpose adventures. I have hundreds of these, but here are some of my favorites. I’m glad I have these images. Otherwise, who would believe my life story?