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So much has “happened” since my last message to you all!

 Doesn’t it feel as if a tidal wave of violence has hit — hard, fast, and heavy — leaving many of us feeling as though we are drowning in negative events, barely having time to catch our breath between one event wave and the next?

Recent heart-breaking experiences are essentially “self-inflicted wounds” that will lead us into deeper compassion and empathy. These painful experiences contribute to making us more conscious about how we relate to life.

 Getting to the nub of it? When we can catch a breath of consciousness in the tidal wave of violence washing over us, we become of aware of the choices we have about how we relate to these waves of experience.

These conscious relationship choices are:

  • the one who experiences and reacts with denial, anger, fear, or hate
  • the one who experiences and has enough left over energy to observe the experience with clarity
  • The one who experiences, observes, and has enough left over energy to choose who to be in a compassionate relationship to events and observations
  • The one who experiences, observes, chooses who to be, and has enough energy available to be a co-creator, reshaping the energy of experience into a creative act or possibility

The shift in consciousness from the one who experiences to the who chooses co-creation takes time; lifetimes, generations, years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds.

 However, this interval of time is shorter as we awaken and participate in planetary transformation.
The caution I share with you does not come from a place of fear, but from a place of encouraging you to manage your energy and attention so you have enough energy to choose to be a co-creator as the tidal wave of violence continues.
Right after the Orlando “Pulse” event, I posted on Facebook that we can now anticipate similar events on a daily basis.
Take a moment to reflect on the time intervals between the Orlando event, followed by events in Iraq, followed by the publicly witnessed executions of two black men by police taking place two days in a row, followed by the Dallas event, followed in quick succession by the event in Nice, France followed by the events in Turkey.
Calculate the event intervals for yourself. The caution? We may move into a period of waves of similar events happening once a day, or multiple times a day.What is the purpose of these psychological onslaughts of multi-layered trauma? To produce global submission and population control using the emotion of fear. Like frightened children, we will beg authorities to relieve us of even more of our civil and human rights.

Or will we?

From my perspective as one who observes, these events are like the seizures, or convulsions, of a terminally ill creature being overwhelmed by a disease of the brain or nervous system.
The comfort I will share with you from my perspective as a co-creator is only possible from no longer having my attention invested in the paradigm that has produced the terminally ill creature and its convulsions.

The comfort  I share is this. What is happening is all about our human DNA and the process of clearing away genetic coding that isn’t nature to planet earth at the same time new DNA sequences are being coded in our bodies. While we are in bodies, our DNA is our consciousness sculpted into three dimensional form.

The events manifesting before us are a clear reflection of how our current DNA coding bends light to literally create our perceptions of reality.

Here’s a video where more background information on where I am presently positioned as a healer and co-creator are coming from.

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In alignment with my forthcoming book Living Lessons Library, you’ll find more information here. This information here is meant to support and comfort those who are awakening or who have already awakened.

Be forewarned that the information from beyond the paradigm shift may be too much for you to absorb or put to constructive use at the moment. The information is there for you whenever you feel yourself beginning to drown in the energy of the old, now terminally ill paradigm.
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