Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass

conscious creation masterclass

Prepare for the Sacred Master Key

My Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass is the next step in your becoming a conscious co-creator in every area of life.  My life journey and path to purpose led to the gift of receiving a sacred master key — the infinite well of creativity. Through this conscious co-creation masterclass I make sure you have to co-creative skills you need to take joyful stewardship of your path to purpose. You can become a master co-creator, co-creating with the sacred, Gaia-Sophia and Source Creativity and people with whom your heart and soul resonates! This is your birthright.

Are you missing out on being who you are meant to be?


All the material I share in this program is the result of over 30 years of direct experience. This is not theoretical information. Each element is completely anchored in the life experiences revealed in my book Living Lessons Library: Tales from the Webbed Garden. This foundation program prepares you for gaining stewardship of the Sacred Master Key; this key unlocks the portal to the experiential realm of infinite creativity that flows from the heart of being.

The conscious co-creation masterclass is delivered online in a live, real-time environment.

Enrollment is $597.

The Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass program is based on six core webinars:

  • Heart Root Journey
  • Incomplete Creation
  • The Taker Spirit
  • Clearing Your Energy Field
  • The Elements of Co-Creation
  • Complete Creation

Core principles of the course:

  • Conscious Co-Creation is a human birthright
  • We can choose to participate in creating heaven on earth with Gaia-Sophia
  • We can choose to live in the fullness of our multidimensional Meta Being

Class #1

  • Review of core principles
  • How to claim your birthright
  • Discovering your path to purpose in alignment with Source/Creativity
  • Living your purpose in alignment with Gaia-Sophia, your home planet
  • Experiencing Bliss
  • The Process
  • Experiential Feedback

Class #2:

  • Love
  • Commitment to Truth
  • Intention
  • Clarity
  • Intuition
  • Focus/Attention

Class #3 Taker Spirit

  • Culture: We are Groomed to Take, Then Doomed to Suffering
  • Gaining or Losing Charge
  • Emotional Clarity and Response-ability
  • Emergence (Focal Point) and transmutation

Class #4 Clear Your Energy Field

  • Negative Imagination
  • Negative Intention
  • Sexual Distortions
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Letting Go of Unconsious Inner Fences That Keep You Limited
  • Discover Zero Point Energy Balance
  • Access Time Portals in Your Body

Class #5: Practice

  • Experience
  • Observe
  • New Choices
  • Co-Create Your Third Way
  • Physical Focus
  • Well-Being and Your Cycle of Co-Creation

Class #6

  • Asking
  • Giving
  • Receiving
  • Sharing
  • Gratitude
  • Relationships in the cycle of co-creation

Bonus Class: DNA and Heart-Centered Reality

  • Sound, Light, Color, Touch
  • The Human Condition: DNA Inner Conflict
  • Your Unique Frequency
  • Listening, Seeing, Knowing
  • Self-Care Empowerment
  • Conscious Use of Language; Breaking the Spell

Bonus Class: “I”

  • Experiencer
  • Observer
  • The Third Way; New Options
  • Co-Create

Bonus Class: “We”

  • Co-creator relationships
    • personal
    • interpersonal familial
    • community
    • national
    • global

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