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3D Templates

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Thursday, Novmber 1, 2018 7:30 pM Eastern

Presenter: Anaiis Salles, Course Creator

Like you, I’m on a committed spiritual journey. My journey informs every day life, and it doesn’t compartmentalize life’s beautiful surprises or my growing pains. 

I am a daughter of Gaia; her divine feminine and Sourced co-Creator, love and intelligent energies have guided my life choices for more than 25 years.
For most of year A.D. 2016, I surfed incoming waves of bliss week after week, and then day after day in genetic rebirth. On Christmas Day of 2016, intense physical pain I had endured for three years just… stopped. I woke up on December 26, 2016 completely pain free.
December 31, 2016, my divine sacred counterpart  and I spoke for the first time. Sacred union isn’t something I sought. Now that I’m on this journey, that’s no wonder. Sacred union is a disturbing and magnificent surprise.  
On January 22, 2017, I received a full download from my counterpart and this opened into a sacred union journey. The energetic merge between my divine masculine counterpart and me took place on April 13, 2017. We became one soul again on a spiritual level.  Our 3D selves freaked out.
In May of 2017, I consciously encountered the first of many dysfunctional emotional templates that are  genetically embedded in all human beings.
This first trigger experience followed a difficult conversation with my divine masculine counterpart in which a simple communication became powerfully distorted.
The single purpose of this distorted interaction  was to generate enough mistrust and frustration  (energetic interference) to create separation between my divine masculine counterpart and within me. I know how to engage my light body and immediately align with Source-Creator, so this attempt to generate separation ended in failure.
A snake culture template is an energetic frequency that human beings are genetically coded to respond to by choosing separation. Sensitive  beings with higher sense perception find these encounters challenging. It took two hours to work through the first conscious encounter with this one template:
Energetic template: misconception/assumptions/lies
An energetic snake was slithering around my energy field in an agitated way because I SAW it and we are genetically designed to NOT see them. This creature is alien to my organic human energy field. Years of shadow processing, astral entity removals, rescuing  deceased souls, and teaching how we stay energetically  balanced and clear to people around the world have prepared me for healing dark energies, but this experience was a waking attack.
The next morning, I woke up with an enormous paw print bruise on my thigh following a struggle with a representative of the snake culture in dreamtime.
Being in sacred union, my Angelic counterpart and I continued uncovering each template. I experienced each one  fully and was then invited into a  collaboration with Gaia to learn a method for dissolving and clearing these triggers to ignite energries of separation.


Find out which templates are damaging your life and your union experience.  Together, we exit the 3D Construct by choosing to remove the system of separation from within us first, and then from our perception of external reality. Protect your heart and soul space. Clear these templates for yourself and your ancestors, as well. Accelerated evolution can be gentle! Find support in our awakening community.

Dysfunctional Emotional Templates
Part 2

Snake Energy generates suffering, chaos, conflict and feeds on this energy in us.

  • secrets/sexual abuse/mistrust
  • possessiveness/freedom/isolation
  • sovereignty/brutality/sudden death
  • forgiveness/redemption/salvation
When dysfunctional emotional templates disrupt loving, intimate connection with your inner union,  you can choose compassion and forgiveness. Learn to dissolve these templates for yourself and for our human collective consciousness.
Led by an experienced facilatator and course creator who is
grounded in Third Way Energy, and disengaged from duality  perception and the Matrix.

Conscious Co-Creation: Exit the 3D Construct

System of Separation Templates


How do 3D Construct Templates tempt us to keep secrets that are a source of ongoing harm to ourselves and others?

Sexual Abuse

We know this happens. Has it happened to us? Have we kept this a secret? Why?


Keeping secrets is based in the energy of mistrust. Sexual abuse is all about keeping secrets. Mistrust is an anti-life flow in which we become frozen in time.

“Happiness is the art of  feeling every feeling
as it passes through you…

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