"the glass Ceiling within"


Are you an undervalued, unappreciated, and overwhelmed “Giver”?

 Are you the family member or employee who shows up and steps up while putting up with everyone else’s needs being taken care of first? 


Because you give everyone permission to think of you last.

You’ve got an inner glass ceiling. Is it time for you to shatter that barrier so that you can find your TRUE purpose and live your Best life? 


  1. Are you blamed you for the difficulties in your mother/daughter relationship?
  2. Do you attract relationships where you give more than you receive?
  3. Do end up in romantic relationships where you end up feeling ‘not enough’? 
  4. What do you do when you’re feeling emotionally, psychologically, physically, or spiritually abused?
  5. Do you try to “fix” a person with incompatible love language?
  6. Are you an Empath carrying deep regret and a sense of shame for broken, painful relationships?
  7. Has a lover, husband or wife or business partner gutted you emotionally and financially leaving you physically ill, depressed or mentally unstable?

The Dark Flower Agenda is harmful. And it’s powerful. Just take a look around at the suffering of people whose hearts have been broken again and again. People who believe they are unlucky in love. 

Is this you? 

The Dark Flower agenda has been an unseen part of every love triangle for eons, successfully sidelining men, women, and sexually molested children from their soul path. Has your divine blueprint been trashed? Has your willingness to discover true love been completely derailed? Have you been denied the explosive CREATIVE energy which is the natural culmination of spiritual union but you don’t know the cause?

You’re not alone. 

Getting sucked into the Dark Flower Agenda is a lot like acquiring a racist mindset or any other set of distorted perceptions that diminish our sense of human decency. This de-evolution in consciousness happens through subtle to explosive separation dynamics between human beings who organically express electrical/masculine charge and human beings who organically express magnetic/feminine charge. It is these polarity charges which generate desire for sexual union. We’re speaking about creative life force, not about gender.

So who thrives from generating explosive energies lit by destructive sparks? Who thrives from any form of separation that taints our natural desire to live happily, co-existing peacefully, with all of life and Source Creation?

You guessed it! 

Team Dark. Anti-life entities. Fallen from grace by choice. Black magicians and intentional master manipulators, deadly serious in their desire to compete with and out-do Source Creation.

Is this an utterly insane ambition? Absolutely. There’s an abundance of utterly insane Team Dark ambition embedded in every aspect of human culture linked with competition, wealth, and a quest for limitless power.

Like most human beings living in resistance to Source Creation, Team Dark can’t ‘see’ its problem or the suffering it creates chasing wild adolescent ambitions to be “bigger, more, and better” than Source Creation perfect balance of feminine/sound/magnetic Essence and masculine/light/electric Form.

What is the Dark Flower Awakening?

Access the replay of this powerful four hour intensive on Healing the Beloved: the Dark Flower Awakening.  Bring a friend who’s suffering from a broken heart. Come for you if you have yet to recover from a sexual betrayal and emotional scarring so deep you’re terrified of getting close, exhausted, and lacking the self-trust that makes you able to risk loving and being loved in a healthy, open-hearted life partner relationship.

The truth is “sexual lust” won’t lead to heart opening; sexual lust leads to an energy feeding frenzy as a Dark Flower Tracker stealthily attaches to the organic flowering living light/life force buried beneath your 7 chakra system, charka binding you and trapping you in a Tube Torus dead energy field. 

Unsuspecting, trusting men and women respond to the physical body’s need for attention, affection and the sacred desire for ecstatic bliss!

Dark Flower Trackers are individuals who can and do inflict all manner of harm on innocent, unsuspecting, caring, over-giving souls who look for…love, acceptance, and validation of their worth… outside of themselves; today, there are fewer social structures available to teach, support, and grow a healthy, happy human being who knows what it is to be loved.

Stranger danger, date rape, incest, sex trafficking of women and children, missing adolescent children targeted and sexually trafficked online, even lone shooters who massacre strangers are all symptomatic of the Dark Flower Agenda. 

At its core, the Dark Flower Agenda is a dance of the Devil with soul-less narcissists, psychopaths, and demons wearing meat suits pretending to be your ultimate love match. 

The Dark Flower Agenda is about your energy and your life force.

It’s about loss, gain, and manipulation of life force to manifesting someone else’s “chi” because a being taken by the Dark Flower affliction will experience their life force being diminishing to the point they become unable to manifest anything on their own; so they steal your light and life force!

Life force is vibration, sound, light, and all regenerative orgasmic energy flows blissfully co-creating with Source Creation so we live happy, fulfilling lives filled with an abundance of love.

Say Yes #1

Identify and Say No to a Dark Flower Agenda Tracker

Come into a community who knows what you’re going through!
Together we can solve this problem!
Learn to recognize the FLAMING RED FLAGS of any Tracker
before they compromise your energy field and interfere with your love life.

Say Yes #2

Claim your power to love fully, heart wide open!

Learn to be energetically aware when your boundaries are being breached. Practice basic techniques for protecting yourself from life force loss. Withdraw from “SEDUCE and DESTROY” romantic encounters.
Accept only loving heart connections.
epair your energy field!
Open your energy field to experience your
7 chakra energy field organically transforming
into 14 multidimensional Lotus Flower energy system

Say Yes #3

Face the Dark Side Without Fear!

Case Study: Michelle Dillon

Much to share…Today I woke up with remembrance of the original divine feminine blueprint!!! As well as the understanding of why during this lifetime in my youth I was first called, beckoned and tempted by Team Dark, then hounded, chased and terrorized. I noticed today that the pain at the base of my skull is gone and the triangle on my arm (which by the way came from under the skin outward, has been fading). I also felt, really, really felt my angel wings at the shoulder blades! The feeling was just at the shoulder blades at the connection point, they were sort of pushing up against my back.

I wasn’t thinking about what was spinning where. My ancient knowing took over. The tones sung had a new resonance for me. It was so powerful and profound. I UNDERSTOOD it! I felt the angel wings suddenly spread all the way out. The words all meant something to me. My heart was beating hard, tears rolled, my voice trembled and also rang in my ears totally differently. I saw myself in fullness,  angel wings spanning out gloriously and glowing, and my being promising that the divine feminine of True Source will be anchored in.

I love you Anaiis, glorious sister!!!!

"Today my ancient knowing took over
and I remembered my Divine Feminine Blueprint!"

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