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Introductory Intensives in the United States

Ready to leave the 3D construct? Our experiential event is led by awakened mentors who have been where you are now. We are birthing a new humanity alongside our beloved planet Gaia. It's time to live fully in our organic, birthright sovereignty as a co-creation catalysts. Co-Creative Science is the bliss path to freedom. Our introductory workshops are just the beginning of living in 5D as an awakened, sovereign catalyst.

Isn't it time you learn how?

Awakening soul! Are you sensing, feeling, and knowing things that can't be explained by your mind? Spending hours on YouTube trying to figure out what's happening to you? This introductory workshop takes you far beyond energy healing into conscious co-creation. Get grounded! Safely integrate your new Source energies, your 12 chakra field, and your multidimensional awareness with your fully embodied 5D gifts.


The Healing Holodigm

We are shifting our reality base from 3D consciousness across the 4th dimensional bridge of universal love and into 5D consciousness.

Our ultimate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing begins with our choice to experience information and consciousness in relationship that rests on a foundation of light, love and trust in our Gaia and Source of all creation.

Today, humanity is reclaiming its sovereignty.We have begun to feel and understand our energy fields. We are healing the wounds of childhood. We are dismantling the 3D construct within us that keeps us in separation within ourselves and with each other.

We have opened the door to co-creating profound healing of our lives, our bodies, our communities, our world.

Through lecture, demonstration, and experiential practice, this dynamic program flows through structure, substance and integration/transformation, ever deepening in its gentle intensity. Our high heart center is where we learn to feel, hear, see, know, and transmute the "Barrier Material" energy templates that limit our natural birthright of embodied, divine awareness.

Whole. Complete. Out of the 3D construct. Out of separation from Gaia and Source.

Introductory Workshops

This event introduces you to the fundamentals of energy healing and conscious co-creation in a live, experiential environment. Learn to use a heart-centered, multidimensional approach before applying these dynamics to self-healing, self-empowerment in others and rewriting timelines.

Workshop content includes:

  • Human Energy Field
  • Multidimensional Chakra Constellation: Beyond Our 7 Chakras 
  • Integrate 7 Chakra Energy Fields into Multidimensional Energy Fields
  • Our Subtle Energy Bodies: The Key to Maintaining Optimum Health
  • Higher Sense Perception: Validate Intuition and Direct Knowing
  • 5th Dimensional Healing Partnerships: Co-Creative Science
  • Timelines & Quantum Jumping; unbounded relationships with time
  • Generate and maintain 5D portals in your personal environments

Attending an introductory event is required prior to applying to beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels of our Co-Creation Catalysts Apprenticeship Program.

 Anaiis Salles

Born with access to soul memory, from childhood on Anaiis has experienced gifts described as 'siddhis' in ancient eastern spiritual traditions. 
Anaiis’ development isn't a result of initiation by a guru or studying with a spiritual guide in human form.
In 1991, Anaiis initiated an energy healing internship/collaboration in Moscow, Russia with physicians, critically burned individuals, and children with cancer. Miraculous outcomes from her energy healing methods have been medically verified. 
For the past 25 years, Anaiis has facilitated retreats, workshops, and personal transformation events internationally and in the United States.
Salles' multidimensional spiritual embodiment journey has always been completely inner directed through her 'living lessons.'


Bio pic Salles

Program Director

in 1996, being activated into the sacred union dynamic, Anaiis designed the Meeting the Beloved Retreat which provides coaching for individuals and couples transitioning through the twin flame process into their sacred union experience.
Salles is the co-creator of a fundatmental course on the science of co-creation, Co-Creation Catalysts 101. In private retreat, she teaches the advanced technique Sacred Master Key.
She trains co-creation catalysts through a two year certification curriculum and she's been teaching night school in dreamtime for 25 years.
Book Anaiis as your organization's next inspirational speaker. Email
She is the author of "Everything You Need to Know Before You Fall in Love," "Yes, Please, Thank You, More," and the program curriculum manual "The Healing Holodigm".

Co-Creation Catalysts Apprentice Program

Meet Your Co-Creation Catalyst Facilitators

Bio pic Aldrich
Bio pic Townsend
Cynthia Aldrich
One of Cynthia's gifts is being in communication with the spirits of loved ones. She co-creates with the devas and nature spirits growing herbs, flowers and every plant, tree and vine that produces food, medicine and beauty. Cynthia applies herbalism, homeopathy, shamanic healing, as well as her ongoing understanding of how our bodies work and the synergistic relationship of everything to becoming more whole and helping those around her.
She illustrated the award winning (Body Mind Spirit Magazine Award of Excellence), best selling children's book "ALL I SEE IS PART OF ME", as well as the delightful "FUN IS A FEELING".
At the age of five she understood that "everything is energy" and life continues on. After the death of her Beloved three years ago, Cynthia is now writing a book on the sacred path of grief.
Cynthia lives in Ashland, OR.
Jacqui Lown
Jacqui’s gentle strength supports and assists others to walk toward and through their doors of transformation.
She has spent 27 summer seasons working with teens in backcountry wilderness and 17 years working with elders and hospice clients. 
Drawing on a  lifetime involvement in creative arts and dance, as well as 25 years in alternative healing modalities, Jacqui responds to what is needed in each moment. Love. life, beauty, and joy fill and flow through her.

Living Lessons/Heartcenterd Energy Healing
Sound Healing  with Tom Kenyon
Additional Experience: Theta Healing, Matrix energetics,  17 years playing crystal bowls with the Circle of Sound
Jacqui lives in Vashon, WA.
Deb Padilla
Deborah has been interested in health and healing most of her life but a personal, mystical experience in 1999 lead her into energetic and alternative healing. 
After becoming a licensed massage therapist she began to realize that Americans needed to become empowered to take back their health.  
Deborah loves incorporating education and self-care empowerment in her healing practice.  
She is the author of the upcoming book "What to Do Before You Start a Diet" and an educational webinar series for healing/clearing the emotional roots of chronic illness.
Deb lives and practices in Independence, OR.
Anastacia Townsend
Anastacia Townsend, LMP ,has over 20 years of experience in the healing arts.
She artfully blends holistic body-mind modalities Spiritual Midwifery, Biodynamic Craniosacral, Aqua-Craino, Intuitive Massage, Energy Healing, and Sound Healing.
Anastacia bases all of her expertise in a heart-centered spiritual Inquiry.
She is committed to understanding and sharing the power of sustained, conscious awareness and touch in her practice, workshops, and everyday life. Anastacia is in love with and committed to working and playing in the realms of transformational studies which integrate her certification through the work of Anaiis Salles and their twenty-five year teacher/student/friend relationship. Anastacia also has strong professional associations with Whapio Diane Bartlett and Robyn Michele Jones, MA, RCST®. 
Anastacia lives blissfully in the Pacific Northwest with her divine counterpart David Foyil and their beautiful children.
"I'm waking up"  "The world is waking up."  "Humanity is waking up."
What does 'waking up' mean in its spiritual context? Leaving duality of perception.
A human being awakens by making loving and self-loving choices. We then embody frequencies that ignite all the universal information contained in our DNA.
This is the energetic foundation of emotional, physical, and soul healing in which your heart leads the way while your mind follows and serves.
Awaken to direct experience and knowing. Share your internal, body-based process of being a conscious co-creator. This is the purpose and path for awakening out of our Heartbreak By Design 3D construct and self-maintained mind trap.

Fun Observations About Diverse and Unique Journeys Along the Way

“After being with the Sacred Master Key team and members, I can’t count the times I had monumental breakthroughs, spanning from micro to macrocosmic scales. The mission of the Sacred Master Key was one that is so interesting to be a part of, shifting global energies that reach far back into history. All the while, we met daily as a group for that period to combine our collective energies, which developed great teamwork and understanding. We pushed each other’s internal boundaries like I haven’t experienced. The level of understanding was incredible, and the level of dedication to the internal work was admirable. This retreat has inspired me in several ways that I’m honored I was able to be a part of that experience.”
Jack Coleman
Life Coach
I watched your video with Sienna Lea and was blown away. I am right where she is at. Her honesty and vulnerability were very brave. It helped me to discover another soul blow out in this lifetime. Anwyway so much came up and healed me instantly as I've been working so hard. I am learning so much and the projection piece really opened me up to get past all of this. I look at you and Cynthia and Anasthasia and I feel such soul love. And same with Sienna. Please pass it on to her because the freedom I am already feeling is gobsmackingly delicious. Awesome... just goosebumps...
Eilse Stone
Also, the life I had tapped into this past Dec was of me as a 33 degree Freemason who played a significant part in dismantling the sacred site at Avebury - this was a past life AND me as my own ancestor. Not something I am proud of of course - I was quite devastated / horrified when I put the pieces together. There were self curses that came with this and my family line as well that needed to be cleared along with a whole host of agreements, contracts etc.. I am sure other sites were involved as well but I didn't investigate further. Time to clean it up on this trip that's for sure....and I just realized that Avebury represents the heart chakra and it hit me even deeper.
Shannon SzaKacs
Dowser and Aesthetician
But I went to this place. It was amazing. I think I saw you there! You were in this chair just relaxing and hanging out with people and it was like I remembered this place and had been there before and I was like omg is this real? This place is actually real? And it started with me laying in bed awake and then suddenly I felt an energy come over me and I asked "who are you, where do you come from and what do you want?" And she was like wanting to switch souls with me or something. Here I am going to attach more details I just wrote to a friend but there was also an amazing dream last night where I had this crazy adventure game that reprented life and all its possible levels and I "won" I don't know what to make of it but it was unbelievable as well as whatever just happened now.
Andrea Rangel
Massage Therapist

Global Community at Work and Play

A few of us enjoying lunch at the Phoenix Cafe and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland where my Sacred Master Key Retreat and Soulpreneurs Mastermind Gathering took place.

We celebrated Gaia in the Original Garden and then carried her inspiration with us to England where we used the Sacred Master Key at Edinburgh Castle, Avebury, and Stonehenge.

Co-Creation Catalysts are on purpose assisting humanity with its liberation from the 3D Construct.

We know how to relax and have a great time as we collapse and rewrite new timelines with Gaia!

This Fall: Introductory LIVE Workshops

Ashland, OR

All Levels 

October 27, 28 & 29

Location: Hidden Springs Wellness Center    

635 Lit Way   97520

Contact:  Anastacia Townsend, MLT; cell phone 425-577-3533

Woodinville, WA

All Levels

November 3, 4 & 5 

Location:    21806 State Route 9 SE        

Woodinville  98072

Contact:  Jacqui Lown, cell phone 206-715-8074


Wear loose comfortable clothing. Bring a pair of flip flops for easy off-on shoe management, a sweater or light shawl, personal water bottle with a name tag on it, a notebook and writing utensils. Cell phones/tablets must be turned off during workshop sessions. Fruit snacks, water, tea are provided. Options for lunch and dinner are available near workshop locations.

Disclaimer: Healing results, skills development and energy experiences vary vastly from person to person. Our program provides no guarantees of physical healing although this can and does happen to program participants.

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