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This will be one of the most powerful, spiritual and consciously empowering experiences of your lifetime. And it will be a whole lot of fun.

Keepers of the Sacred Master Key co-create with Source in many realms
including Gaia’s beautiful feminine expression in matter.

Sacred Foundation

Powerful Co-Creation Technique

Heart Awakened

Collaboration With Gaia

Life Changing

Multidimensional Timelines


How do you stabilize your inner core essence as 3D events rapidly unfold all around you?

Why are you here? What is your co-creative purpose?

You are part of the shift.  

Are you transformational leader in your community, your village, your state, your country?

Are you bringing in new heart-centered, human-centered transitions to your culture?

The Sacred Master Key retreat is for you.

The shift from 3D to 5D requires a deep and direct relationship with the

Source of Being, Gaia-Sophia and her body planet, our planet.


Keepers of the Sacred Master Key are engaged in healing all around the globe. We have deep, direct, loving and conscious relationships with earth, water, air and sky and DNA. We are doctors, meditators, mid-wives, musicians, story-tellers, artists, teachers, chiropractors, and car mechanics.

Fine tune your purposeful contributions to transformation of our human collective. Assist Gaia with her plan for planetary transformation that is birthing a new humanity in 5D on Earth 2.0. Consciously Integrate earth traumas. Consciously transmute DNA, including man-made viruses. Consciously rewrite templates and timelines.

All within our Source-loving framework ask permission to co-create, using our Sacred Master Keys to co-create. Human beings are the fifth natural element. Leave this retreat grounded in sacred, loving flow, aligned with coming transitions wherever you are, wherever you go.

Are you being called to profoundly deep healing
that reaches back through your soul family to the Monad level?
Our collective unconscious Soul fragments are being integrated into collapsing timelines.
New timelines are to be rewritten. Gaia and Planet Earth need conscious co-creators now.
Do you have glimpses of being this level of transformation, diving in and diving deep?
This invitation is joyously extended  to you.
 The Sacred Master Key spiritual attunement unlocks portals
in realms of consciousness that directly impact material expression and physical reality.
Sacred Master Key Holders play collaborative roles in the inner liberation of humankind
as outer events give way to planetary transformation, new choices, and extraordinary change.
Gaia is a genius.
 She is our retreat avatar!
Spirit is moving…the Awakened Feminine and Masculine are
assisting with new Earth 2.0 forms, timeline design, and anchoring
 new energy paradigms and healthy ways of being in a co-creatiive relationship with our world.
We meet for five full days, learning the Sacred Master Key technique. 
Then we practice applying the technique as we are guided to do within the community each gathering creates.  
A support team of amazing people come together
to offer the Sacred Master Key Retreat in the United States and abroad.

Who this retreat is for?

  • You’re a devoted earth steward
  • The well-being of Earth and humanity are high priorities for you
  • You are highly empathic and intuitive
  • You’re comfortable with a casual approach to sublime/sacred energies
  • You don’t require specific rituals to access your inner connection to Source/Creativity and
  • You want to share and explore ideas/projects with a like-minded community

Tuesday November 7- Saturday November 11, 2017

Ashland, Oregon USA

Advanced energy healing

You are an experienced healer with a professional practice. You’ve been inspired to continue to grow, learn, and share. You are ready to take your awakening as a planetary co-creator to the next level. You will LOVE this train the trainers retreat.

Sacred Community

As a Keeper of the Sacred Master Key, you’ll learn how to rewrite timelines and sail through 5D quantum jumps that absolutely affect the collective and sacred community. Our comprehensive class goes deep into universal, Sacred Knowledge historically reserved for the Elite and the Priest/Priestess Class.

5D Global Impact now

You know you are here to have an impact on the future of the human collective. You are prepared to receive full soul memory and to resonate your 5D life purpose. You have already traveled the world integrating soul history, memory, past lives, and fragments. You’re ready to be part of a  global community of awakened co-creators.

What Keepers of the Sacred Master Key say

“I can’t count the times I had monumental breakthroughs, spanning from micro to macrocosmic scales. The mission of the Sacred Master Key was one that is so interesting to be a part of, shifting global energies that reach far back into history. All the while, we met daily as a group for that period to combine our collective energies, which developed great teamwork and understanding. We pushed each other’s internal boundaries like I haven’t experienced. The level of understanding was incredible, and the level of dedication to the internal work was admirable. This retreat has inspired me in several ways that I’m honored I was able to be a part of that experience.” ~ Jack Coleman, Life Hacker

“I had no question about doing the European retreat in Scotland, summer of 2017. The information and experience was something I was more than ready for, opening me up more and more” ~ Cynthia Aldrich, Artist and Illustrator

Our setting for our USA Sacred Master Key retreat? 10 acres of beautiful, private open space just minutes from Ashland, Oregon. Deluxe and Premium accommodations are limited. Reserve now.

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Daily Retreat Schedule

Self-Serve Continental Breakfast

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Dinner Served Tues - Sat

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Queen En Suite accommodation with private bath. Partner participant add $997

Peace and Blissings! See you in Ashland.

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