A Gathering of Conscious Co-Creators

Meet up on Earth 2.0

Join me for a fun, collaborative adventure!

We are better when we are together!

Come to a gathering of conscious co-creators!

Celebrate Earth 2.0!

Stepping into your fullness and onto your path to purpose can be challenging!  Have you’ve been self-protective most of your life based on unconscious memories of good times gone bad (the Inquisition, Salem Witch trials, like that) .

Do you stay safe, head down, heart open, in a Loner Lifestyle? Introvert? Do you hold your sense of spiritual connection and deep empathy cards close to your vest? Have your psychic abilities scared and awed your family? Never met anyone remotely like you?

Sound familiar?

Times are changing! It’s safer to fly your freak flag in community, although it may be wise to keep some of your most amazing accomplishments to yourself. During breaks, take a stroll on the property or plop down for a get to know you chat in one of several outdoor seating areas.

Let’s meet on Earth 2.0!  Spring 2017

This gathering is a teaser event where we’ll explore and share our most exciting projects. Bring copies of your book draft to read! Or clue us in to the itinerary for your next international adventure.

We’ll get to know each other, exchange our FABULOUS stories without having to keep it short. Share who you are! Networking and future collaborations within the group are encouraged!

This retreat is chock full of information and opportunities.

You’re going to want to share this information with your tribe. And — I can’t wait to tell you about the sacred master key!



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