Our planet Gaia-Sophia is freeing herself. She is quickly and powerfully moving into her sovereign timeline. Gaia-Sophia is embedding her genetic design for human DNA into the earth’s morphogenetic field. ¬†Our DNA is becoming more complex. This includes the DNA information of animal and plant beings who are evolving with us.

It’s time for us to use the sacred master key and become Keepers of the sacred master key so human evolution continues without another destructive and massive interruption of wisdom and access to direct knowledge.

As her energies change, our DNA changes. Gaia-Sophia is activating the human genome she designed. This strand of divine DNA activates our “junk genes” information and brings us new abilities to bend light and co-create realities. This third strand must be integrated with our existing two strands of DNA; one strand is reptilian genetic coding and the other strand genetically codes human animals to have a cerebral cortex that sits atop the reptilian primitive brain and the amygdala.

Keepers of the Sacred Master Key is a support group for women who need support for their path to purpose as it is now unfolding through DNA activation and kundalini awakening process.

Gaia-Sophia DNA Activation comes with a multitude of signs. I refer to these experiences in body/mind/spirit as signs (rather than as symptoms) of massive and rapid shifts; our DNA bends light differently and we, too, are liberated from eons of oppression and suppression. This transition is more challenging for anyone born with psychic abilities before 1989.

Conscious relationships with living systems inevitably leads to the end of worship and the end of man’s dominion over the Earth’s living systems. Conscious relationships inevitably lead to awakening into our human story (our divine DNA) as we begin our journey with Gaia-Sophia, living behind what we have been taught is human history.

This circle of DNA awakening and activation goes on this deep dive with you. You will be invited to become a Keeper of the Sacred Master Key. Your cellular physical matter wants to align with your path to purpose. You will have the support you need to accelerate your unique co-creations arising between the Source of All Being, Gaia-Sophia, and your soul/consciousness. You will find you life blossoming without falling completely apart in a cascade of creative disintegration leading to a dead end.

The wisdom circle fee for Keepers of the Sacred Master Key support group is $1,200.  Duration 6 months.

Our circle meets weekly for a one and a half hour moderated teleconference or video conference.

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I do offer a 3 payment option with payment being completed in the first 2 months of our circle activities and meetings. Your total fees will come to $1,350.

3 Payments

We are going to be amazed at our accelerated and much smoother transformation and the unfolding of our paths to purpose.

I look forward to meeting you!

Anaiis Salles

Anaiis Salles author