Reality Boxes and Timelines: HerStory Rising, Part 2

Read part 1 here.

In this post, I’ll unpack a dream that helped me “see” from a new, different and very empowering angle of perception. HerStory rising used the habit of human narrative to show the key narratives of HisStory so I could recognize where my energy is, and then choose my desired timeline.

This is the dream: I’m in my house. My younger son is with me and a good friend of mine is visiting. Later in the dream, my ex-husband makes an appearance, and Two Unknowns also become part of the experience.

Part 1, Disruption Drama:  We’re all busy. My friend is developing her vocal skills; my son is working on a creative project, and I’m pottering about. I notice signs of disruption. The sky suddenly becomes very dark and foreboding. I gather us all inside to ride out the storm.

Part 2, Salvation Drama: We witness multiple disruptions! We see Nibiru. We see the Pour (wheat from chaff). Darkness, ferocious wind, lightening strikes. Terrified, I fall on my knees and pray. As part of the “Pour” drama, suddenly a robotic trash bin rolls into the house and collects my son. I chase after this robot yelling “I love you, I love you, I love you forever.”

I’m not able to save my son. I wait to be sucked up by a second trash bin, but this doesn’t happen.

Part 3, Enter the Unknowns:  A man and a woman I don’t know are now also in my house. Why they have joined us is unclear.

Part 4, Normalcy: This bizarre situation changes and resets. My ex-husband has appeared casting himself in the role of being part of the solution to the disruption. He brings a prepared meal. All the food is brown, the color of shit; he is ingratiating, attempts to be kind. Max returns. I’m so stunned by this that I soil myself. I’m wearing a dress but no underwear. I discretely retire to my bedroom and bathroom to clean up. I discover a bird family, a family of larks, in my room. The birds are tame and friendly.

This dream is a box full of packaged information and themes. I wake up as I am playing with the birds. My first question is who created this dream reality box in which every “END TIMES” scenario as thrown at the humans in the house. I realize that even seeing the dream as a box presents another, though more subtle, reality box.

I go through my tried and true process: (experiencer, observer, chooser, co-creator).  I review the dream experience. What I notice is that every “END TIMES” was a reality box, and merely a reflection about Source and Self/Identity.

  • Gnostic Myth of Sophia = description of the cause/humanity/Source
  • Buddha = gift of loving and healing reflections on the human condition, Self in aware relationship to Source, Cause/Effect
  • Archons/Dracos = gift of recognizing deception as a reflection of Self, mimicry, facsimilies, copies, nothing original
  • Technology = gift of seeing all boxes within the very construct of reality box; billions of narratives online
  • Co-Creator Gaia = gift of changing the angle of perception, what we see reflected; reset, reorganize, eliminate The Reality Box, personal and collective.

Each of these gift perspectives generate the freedom to ask what is the experience of No Box?

Dream joke: To box or not to box, that is the question…

HerStory revealed all the negative, end times HisStory narratives committed to weaving the endless spell of sacrifice, suffering and our planet’s complete and utter destruction. Seeing these boxes, as an awakened sovereign divine being, I am free to choose which timeline my soul/consciousness is aligned with ( HisStory or HerStory/Prime Creator).

I continued to unpack this dream, and this inner journey led to the description of the HisStory and HerStory narratives and timelines I shared in a Creatrix Wisdom Circle radio episode.