Beginning in January  2017 and dialing up on February 24, 2017, specifically, Gaia, Source and our Heart Aligned human collective have awakened the ability to rewrite our 3d timelines by healing our ancestral line.

What does this mean and why is it important for awakened ones to amplify this 5D energy/frequency throughout the planet through meditation, DNA activation, and therapeutic healing practices?

The Draco/Reptilian fallen line of genetics that has held court and sway over Gaia/Planet Earth for thousands of years is being healed through Gaia’s awakening and chosen evolution as a planetary being.



Our planet is now fully operational in 5D. This is the place she described to me in 2012, when she asked if I would like to live on Earth 2.0, base 5D frequency as a soul-embodied human being. I have been living fully in 5D since December 2016, with occasional frequency shift visits to 3D earth, going back and forth from September 16, 2017 when Gaia divided herself into New Earth, Old Earth.

Those of us who are conscious of going through this process can attest to how demanding this has been, but the joys of living in full 5D 24/7, unless we choose to adjust our Earth 2.0 frequency are well worth the years of deep spiritual, psychological, and emotional trauma healing that has been a part of my life since birth. Here’s a shout out to the first wavers!!!

Now, those of us who are fully awakened have the beautiful task of rewriting timelines in alignment with Gaia’s plan and with her permission.

I am able to heal ancestral timelines; this requires DNA activation, connecting with ancestors and re-arranging and disabling trauma portals associated with the Draco/Reptilians interdimensionals who are cannibalizing our planet.

This summer I will be doing more specific work along these lines as invited, permitted, and directed by Gaia, Source, our Sun and the Heart Awakened Collective. I will be accompanied by 15 advanced soul-emboded 5D healers to accomplish important work in Europe from July 1 through July 14, 2017.

You are invited to apply to take part in the Sacred Master Key: Stone Circles retreat.

Here’s an example of a recent healing in which an ancestor carrying soul-fragmenting childhood trauma was released from oppressive interdimensional captivity. This individual connected with his living grand-child, a 5D healer, to orchestrate rewriting of the family timeline. The family is the Wallace family. This family fought valiantly against Draco/Reptilian brutality and rule as expressed through the Tudor family, ruling family of the British Isles.

Happily, we are rewriting our timelines — rewriting Draco/Reptilian interference out of our planetary and galactic history as these interdimensionals are being corralled, confined, and given a choice to return to Source or to cease to exist in any form.

Here’s the write-up of this remarkable healing session. This is an excellent example of the next order of interdimensional healing that is available as we have made significant progress in healing the Earth’s pain body.

With the new 5D energies, the grand-daughter healer, who booked a session with me, found we were able to accomplish this in less than an hour. We will continue to follow up until we can validate that her ancestral lineage on both sides of her Rh negative family are released from genetic captivity — a past and future she is choosing for herself and her family.

Ancestral Lineage/Draco Healing: The Scottish Wallace Family bloodline

William Everett Wallace is the maternal grandfather of S.S.
S.S. has been working on resolving a genetic defect that keeps her physical body on the edge of anemia. Her mother, William’s daughter, has progressed to pernicious anemia. S.S. experiences “meat/blood” hunger and is unable to enjoy a completely meat-free diet, the diet she would prefer in support of her awakening.
S.S. is Rh negative blood type, and she has traced this genetric trait back to Basque and Scottish family roots.
The Wallaces of Scotland fought for Scottish Sovereignty but were overcome and brutally oppressed by the English Royals (Draco/Reptilian, non-implosive DNA, fallen bloodline).
S.S. is a healer who uses dowsing to validate her work.
S.S. has worked through a past life as a 33rd degree Mason, and the damaging ritual work he/she participated in during that lifetime.
S.S. booked a session with me to continue with her blood line/genetic clean up.
Her priority for our first session was assisting Grandfather William Wallace in healing a childhood trauma that has kept his soul fragmented even after death.
Between the ages of 7 -11 (my guidance is that he was age 10 — pre-puberty), William’s parents held a
seance and William was present in the room/house.
During the seance, his parents completely unaware, an entity entered William, and then this interdimensional, lower astral realm entity kept William in emotional and psychological terror throughout his childhood.
William never told anyone about his experiences, and he went to his grave with this soul fragmentation/astral vampirism wound unhealed.  Through the parting of the Veil, in a dream, he contacted his grand-daughter, showed S.S. the trauma, and essentially asked for help to heal it.
S.S. has been actively sorting through family lineage issues and bringing them to healing resolution. However, this has not yet resulted in a change in the enzymatic deficiency that is the cause of her struggle with anemia.
In our session, I brought William into the healing crucible S.S and I created.
My first task was integrating the soul fragment fracture caused by the entity invasion and attachment, so that I could see/feel the William’s trauma and allow him to process this trauma while being held with two loving witnesses — S.S. and myself.
Next, I did a healing on the entity that was still attached to William’s soul. This Draco entity made the choice to return to Prime Creator.
Once we cleared both the trauma energy and the entity, we brought William’s parents into the healing, and I fixed on William’s trauma timeline back to the seance event and shut the portal opened in that seance so that interdimensional entity never got to invade and disrupt William.
Next, I went through the simple forgiveness process: I love you; I’m sorry; please forgive me; thank you. This verbal affirmation cleared the heart/emotional disconnect between William and his parents.
From this point, William allowed me to see deep into his body as he grew into manhood. I tracked the damage the entity had done to William’s DNA and his sperm, which carried the ‘blood/sacrifice’ parasitic genetics that “force” humans to crave meat/blood and to involuntarily and unconsciously consume the animal death terror in the process of eating meat/blood.
This is the genetic Rh- link that is ‘forces’ S.S.’s body to feel “meat/blood” hunger and to demand that she consume meat/blood to get the enzyme that will trigger release of iron from red blood cells for her body’s use. This is how we are genetically kept captive and continue to “feed” our captors in an extremely subtle but potent biological disruption process.
Next, I released William to reconnect with his daughter, S.S.’s mother, and attend to healing they need to do together, father and daughter.
S.S. and I agreed that we would set up another session in two weeks or so, giving William and her mother enough time to reorganize their energetic relationship.
We completed this process is 50 minutes. It was elegant, loving, beautiful and quick. Amazing. Gaia is just a genius!
She has returned to her evolutionary path with the support of her consort, our sun, and the blessing of Prime Creator.