Climate Weavers

Use these four Climate Weaver visualizations/meditations to make your contribution to healing earth's environmental wounds. These visualizations are the result of shamanic journeys with Gaia in which permission was sought and received to do healing work in these areas in ways directed by Gaia.

Bring your focused loving intention to each meditation, align it with the power of your imagination and visualization skills. Feel your heart-felt impulse to give back to Gaia who gives us so much every day, without fail.

Pacific Ocean


More Training and Resources: The Sacred Master Key

The sacred master key is an expression of consciousness. With the sacred master key, as embodiments of Gaia-Sophia, we access creative, life-affirming solutions for any situation in which we find ourselves. The sacred master key can be a partner to every aspect of your life and your DNA synthesis and activation. This is up to you.

To receive the sacred master key, you are already on your path to purpose. This doesn't mean your destination is all figured out. In fact, your path to purpose lives in the now.

This workshop is for advanced co-creators and beginners alike.