Are you standing balanced and centered within the energy flow of your life purpose? You may be a co-creation catalyst.

Attributes of a Co-Creation Catalyst:

– You have cleaned up 90% or more of your core wound, wounded inner child, and sexual energy distortions (feminine and masculine)
– Your body is fully serving your awakening (no more “ascension” symptoms)
– You are completely liberated from the 3D, duality of perception construct and feel a pleasurable curren to energy moving through your entire energy field without obstruction, or you are able to see and then consciously clear any obstruction within hours and minutes, at most a couple of days
– You are collapsing inorganic timelines, rewriting and clearing your Akashic records, and writing new bliss-based organic timelines in real time
– You are aware of or have met at least one other incarnated member of your soul group

Do you feel a steady expansion/contraction pulse in your heart/soul connection?

Does your body enjoy, receive, tolerate, or share this universal heartbeat in shareable wave?

Now that recognize yourself as a co-creation catalyst, and more importantly, as a sacred union newbie or part of a mature, full-blown 5D love powered couple, what are you co-creating with your nuclear transformation skills?

Or are you still looping in old paradigm patterns that have you believing being in sacred union is the end all and be all of spiritual awakening?

It’s not.  Understood the purpose of sacred union! Begin by stepping up as a conscious co-creation catalyst.

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