Posted by on October 8, 2017

Stage 1 Continued: Get Out of Pain by Going Into It.

Do you pray? Do you meditate? Do you listen to your body? How do you support your process of waking up? Do you understand that feeling the pain you are in is how you find your way out of your emotional pain.

#1: Entropy, Fear and Personal Pain — did this stage ignite the desire in you to change the circumstances of your life?

Awakening — making the intentional choice to live and know Source as truth ignites actualization of the Trinity (Tree of Life) within us;  Source creator, co-creator, love embodied creature

Within the system of separation which is the 3D construct inside of you, there are several distinct energetic and organizational sub-systems running at all times, everywhere in the world, without cease. These sub-systems have been running our lives for thousands of years.
Sub-system (Snake culture) is designed to energetically distort your body/energy field processes. Are you familiar with Ancient Egypt and its contribution to global culture? The cobra on the ceremonial headress of Egyptian royalty is the emblem of snake culture, as is the caduceus, a common symbol for medical knowledge.
Sub-system (Red Dragon) is designed to energetically distort your emotions into passivity and tranquility through your connection to your
Soul/Source/spirituality. Are you familiar with the Red Dragon contribution to global culture, the I Ching?
Sub-system (Draco/Reptilian) is designed to energetically distort your perception and thought processes. Are you familiar with the Draco/Reptilian contribution to global culture through the establishment of monarchy, hierarchy, duality of perception, and control of masses of non-royal human beings through violence and servitude?
Sub-system four (Monarchy) interlocks with the system of hierarchy is designed to energetically disrupt your ability to be in direct relationship with the loving, compassion of soul/Source. Are you familiar with the contributions to hierarchy that orthodox religion has made to global culture?
Sub-system five (Archontic) distorts your intent to live and function in truth as a Source aligned creation.
Have fun. Go find how the Archons came into being and their contribution to our global culture.
These four systems comprise the 3D construct, an organized, deliberate system of separation. 
Our bodies are the creation of Earth. All of Earth’s elements contribute the functioning of Gaia’s genetic code.  Our bodies belong to the Earth. Our bodies need her air and water. Our bodies need the minerals and essential elements in her food sources and we need the warmth of the sun in small fractals we use as fire to keep us warm.
Our bodies are genetically coded to feel and know truth because Gaia is herself, a Source creation. 
When we feel pain or when we are in relationship with a disease process, we are actually having an intimate conversation with truth that won’t be denied. This conversation is likely to produce pain if we are not living our genetically encoded truth and our purpose for being alive on the planet that allows us to live on her and through her resources.
Rather than being our enemy, or a sensation to avoid feeling,  when we accept pain as our ally and an infallible source of conscious information in relationship, we can begin to literally listen to the pain, begin to learn from it, and immediately begin to change the basis of the choices we make. Pain is the servant of love. Pain leads us to making a choice to be more loving beginning with our most precious material “posession” — a healthy physical body.
With out our health, any wealth we accumulate has little value.
How do we begin to listen, wth love, to pain in our bodies? How do we begin to accept, with love, the information we receive?
Meditation. Contemplation of our thoughts, attitudes and choices. Granting ourselves permission to fully feel and name every emotion associated with the pain we feel. Exploring our intent, our use of ‘free will.’ Suspending judgment.
What is meditation?  
Meditation is simply a breath aligned practice that quiets the mind/ego and forms a higher feeling bridge into our core being. We may call this inner space zero point energy, the void, the higher self, an angel, God, Wakan Tanka, the great spirit, or we may call it Source. It doesn’t matter what we call it.
How is meditation different from prayer?
Prayer is the process of giving our power away to an all powerful being who will do all the work, fix the problem, take the pain away without our having to participate other than accessing some level of desire and emotion (fear, need, love). People pray because they are in fear. People pray because the want something or someone. People pray because they feel a need to share love and well-being). People pray to a god, or to many gods or goddesses hoping that the change they seek will be showered upon them by the act of asking a more powerful being to….be more powerful, more magical, more whatever than is the person who is doing the praying. Prayer is an power imbalance activity.
When we pray, we give our precious life force to maintain a belief system that there is an all powerful, omnipotent god, who may or may not hear us, see us, or care about us unless we are obedient and…good.
Meditation is the process of moving through enegetic, emotional, and mental states of awareness, to locate one’s center within Self, beyond the Void of no-Self (duality of perception), to simply being and abiding with Source. The All. The Nothing. The Alpha and Omega. Meditation is the internal journey through which we discover the bridges between every form and aspect of consciousness as emanating from one Source. Meditation is not a practice of giving away our power; it is a practice through which we may experience truth in our bodies as a balanced reflection of love as power/vulnerability/humilty in an infinitely creative flow of being.  Meditation is a process through which we begin to nurture a relationship in which we discover we are that which we are seeking.
The practice of meditation can be distorted within the 3D construct, or it can become a resource for leaving the 3D construct entirely.
The habit of prayer can be transformed into meditation which opens the heart, leading us to sharing the creative power of love freed from power-over submission to a god, or goddesses who’s favor we must curry.
When we experience pain, our bodies, minds, emotions are being ignited by our loving soul to wake up to the true nature of who we are. We are invited into new relationships and out of isolation and separation. You choose these new relationships based on your belief systems. Your new relationships could be friendships, counseling, a swimming class, or the staff in a doctor’s office,  hospital, and surgical suite.
Whenever you are in pain, listen. Listen carefully to  your body. Listen deeply. Listen with love.