Posted by on October 8, 2017

Stage 1: Personal Entropy, Pain, and Fear  — this phase ignites the desire to change the circumstances of one’s life

The Universal Stages of Spiritual Awakening which I describe are stages I experienced leading up to, into and through my enlightenment experience in 1989 and the ongoing journey of body integration after this awakening. Today, I’m in the stage of Sacred Union which supports liberation from the System of Separation we call the 3D Construct, or Matrix.

Pain is a clear, direct and undeniable signal that ‘something’ is wrong, has gone wrong, or is going wrong in our lives.

We begin to suffer. Why? Deep within, part of us knows that suffering is meant to show us how we choose to derail our life force and heart connection.

We are conscious beings who experience ourselves in time. Within time, we are conscious of movements of energy we label ‘beginning’ and ‘end.’  We seek an end to our suffering because we know we are now on that path.

How could we know —  and we do instinctively know — there is an end to suffering if the end of our suffering wasn’t possible?

We would not have a conscious sense of the beginning and end of suffering without the ally of our being pain. 

Pain in our physical body pushes us toward healing and relief. Pain in our emotional body pushes us toward healing and relief. Pain in our mental body pushes us toward changes in perception and our world view that bring healing relief.

Being in pain is one of the most powerful allies we have in living a conscious life. Being in pain opens the door within us to seek the end of suffering. In doing so, we prepare to change something in our lives that we know or learn is directly associated with the pain we are in.

For most, one stage of our spiritual awakening includes a deeply painful experience or ongoing set of painful circumstances.