Posted by on October 8, 2017

Stage 2 of spiritual awakening is seeking – desire to change our lives organically includes the energy flow of seeking. With this inner flow and outer push, we get a clue that new choices have to be made to find solutions, answers, miracles.

Stage 1 is Entropy and Pain (see previous email); emotional, physical, or mental pain ignites in us the desire to change our lives. The pain we are in pushes us into actively seeking solutions, answers, miracles. In the process or seeking, we become aware that who we are and our choices are somehow out of alignment. To “meet” healing solutions, answers, and miracles, we slowly realize that something has to change and that some thing is ourselves. We have to change.
This realization moves our energy field into the flow of the new, the now, the unknown.
We prepare to meet what which we are seeking.
Will we choose to remain in victim consciousness? Do we choose to step up to being accountable for our conscious and unconscious choices and actions, however inadequate we feel to this ask?
Do we choose hope (victim), faith (powerless), or Self-actuatlization (co-creation?
Everything is information. Everything is consciousness. Everything is in relationship. Within this ‘trinity’  of experience, energy and energy flows of our core essense or blockages of flow in our core essence (feminine creative polarity), along with vibration/frequency that become form and structure (masculine creative polarity) are the medium through which we experience relationships with everything in our daiy reality. We shift our states of consciousness, we give, receive, and comprehend truthful information, and we open fully to co-creative relationships as conscious co-creators.
Within Source potential of all things are possible and all things can change in the blink of an eye once we align our intention and commit to remaining open with the new, the now, the unknown. What can be co-created with healthy alignments, proper preparation, and our participation in balance with power, humility and vulnerability?
In Stage 1 of awakening, we find ourselves in a state of vulnerability flowing toward humility. In Stage 2 of awakening, we feel vulnerability and humility flowing toward the experiential power of co-creation. We have surrendered our ego’s need to know, control, and explain why “X” can’t ever happen. Awakening Stage 1, by inviting us into the unknown, sets up a dynamic where we might trip off a profound truth about ourselves, our perceptions being skewed or distorted, or about our relationships within every aspect of our living environment.
This precedes a shift in awareness that can open us into a glimpse of who we are beyond personality and body. This shift supports meditation and prayer — we at least choose to come out of denial to participate in our experience. We let go of being in a victim state of consciousness.
Awakening Stage 2 shifts our awareness into another state of consciousness in which we may choose to begin a new relationship with our emotions, and how we are out of alignment with expression and understanding of the power of our emotions.
Through our newly aigned emotional impulses that arise with ‘seeking’ change, we may begin to really FEEL for the first time since childhood. 
When we are children, everything is new, now, and unknown. Through igniting seeking, Stage 2 awareness invites us to learn and to take up an intimate relationship with our feelings, and our emotions.
We learn that our feelings and our emotions are connected, but they are not the same thing.  I can feel compassion at the same time I my emotional state may be one of anger, even hate.
Our human collective is awakening. This brings seeking the need for solutions, answers, and miracles in how we choose to be in relationship with each other, our planet, and our Source creator.
I’ve been privileged to share this depth of process for almost 30 years. The sharing I bring live to a roomful of people, to an online group, or just being out and about broadcasting frequency and vibration as a conscious co-creator in my neighborhood? This sharing is always new, always flowing in the now, accessing the unknown and translating the energy of the ‘new, now and unknown’ as experience first, explanation second.
The next opportunities to share information and consciousness in relationship are coming up in October and November on the west coast.
Please share this information with anyone you know who is struggling with Gaia’s intense awakening process that is happening now.
Co-creation Catalysts Online workshop: Co-Creation Catalysts 101
It’s time to build awakened community globallly.  Live interaction is the optimal way to connect, grow, and fully live our reason for being here now. This is a powerful, wonderous, and gob-smacking time to be the embodiment of love in action.