Posted by on October 8, 2017

Purifying Insight — desire to face one’s Self becomes a thirst for conscious awareness, soul memory, love, acceptance. This thirst begins our journey of purification of our creative/sexual energy and our life force (electromagnetic charge)

Stages 1 and 2 are preparation for the breakdown that is part of awakening. Break down of the ego. Break down of the Shadow. Breatk down of negative intentionality. Break down of addictive behaviors. Breakdown of stagnant relationships in which we are hurting so much that growth together is no longer possible. Break down of family relationships and systems that likewise,
contribute to stagnation, personal entropy, and pain.
Purification gives rise to the desire for compassion and self-love
Once we have awakened to the stage of breakthrough, we are open to seeing, feeling, and beginnin, to know the core of ourselves ourselves at a personality level — at this point, we open to remembering our childhood innocence, and many instances
how our childhood innocence was betrayed by the system of separation.
We open to purifying insight as an ally on our journey into the dark night of the soul — the part of breakdown in which we surrender to breakthrough. Our higher self, and soul can communicate with us once more. This loving but firm communication begins leading us toward making more loving choices. We are inspired to give up addictive behaviors that keep us trapped in the distortions set up within the 3D construct. Behaviors and habits that hurt us, rob us of our life force, or tempt us to misuse our life force by sabotaging ourselves and unconsciously hurting others.
We begin to face ourselves as we really are. We see the choices our ego wants to make. We feel the negative intentionality our Shadow wants us to enjoy — the shabby. shallow substitute for the bliss that is our birthright once we are freed from
the 3D construct.
In this stage of awakening, we are asking ‘why’ — not why me but why have I made so many unloving choices? Purifying insight opens our us to more truthful perception. We begin to see our relationships in the simply light of healthy, good for me, growth producing, supportive of my best self, loving, and which are relationships are based in an unconsciouse sense of limitation and fear of being judged to be ‘not okay.’
This stage of awakening is also painful, but we feel the sting of truth and let go of the pain of being in denial about who we are, who we have become, the person who is lost, depressed, frustrated, torn apart, unable to give or receive deep, abiding love, how we judge and who we judge, and most of all we are faced with the blinding light of the mirror of self-judgment.
Purifying insight frees us of the habit of being in judgment, of choosing to be right over being loving.
Purifying insight provides the impulse to clean up the many ways in which we misuse or abuse our sacred sexual energy. Supported by higher self and Soul, we grope for our wholeness rather than groping for strangers to generate the loving warmth in our arms and beds that we are unwilling to give from our hearts.
In this stage of purification, we begin to feel compelled to come out of isolation that is a human being with a closed heart.
We want to be known. We want to truly know others.