Co-Creation Catalysts Apprenticeship

This two-year training is grounding for healing professionals and co-creation catalyts who are assisting clients and patients in the sometimes difficult and always challenging process of making the transition from our habitual mind/ego-centered approach that attempts to control life to a heart-centered approach that collaborates with life and the Healing Holodigm.

We are shifting our consciousness/reality base from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension, and beyond. In this shift, we surrender our need for control to discover that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing is found in trusting, conscious relationships.

Living Lessons Tag line: Everything is information. Everything is conscious. Everything is information and consciousness in relationship.

In this program, Anaiis Salles teaches unique healing and transformation energies that have been validated by students and clietnsfor more than twenty-five years. This validiation includes medical verification of healing in critical burn care and pediatric oncology. Salles’ methodology has incorporated identification of core wounds of childhood as energy field dissonance since 1991.

The end of separation from the Source of All Creation opens the flow to profound healing of lives and bodies. Personal transformation is essential to being able to generate the Healing Holodigm.  This is distinctly different from the practice of “Reiki” which  interferes with the organic functioning of the human energy field and our information centers by “inserting” symbols without patient client persmission to do so or without full knowledge of what Reiki symbols mean/do within the human energy field.

In this program, personal clearing of aspiriing healing facilitators is essential.

Salles’ techniques are shared through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on experiential practice.

Co-Creation Catalysts Apprenticeship Program balances imparting information through structure/form as well as essence/substance of the following in year one of study:

  • Accessing the continuum of Healing Energy — The Healing Holodigm
  • Our Deepest Wound is our greatest gift
  • Co-creating health, co-creating illness; conscious choice
  • Conscious Co-Creation; higher group mind, personal sovereignty, relationship mirrors for both our divine being within and our abused inner child
  • Co-creating health, co-creating illness; making conscious choices
  • Basic plasma energy healing technique
  • General energy field balancing
  • Healer as Empathic Mirror: Healthy Boundaries, Releasing Other People’s Pain
  • Expanded energy perception; appreciate your unique way of reading/translating energy
  • Barrier Material and dynamics of the human energy field
  • Liberation from the 3D Construct of Punishment/Sacrifice/Loss (transmute dysfunctional templates)
  • Duality of Perception: Whose “issue” is it? How do I know for sure? Managing Unconscious Projections
  • Empowered to Heal — create a healing holodigm with clients/patients/yourself

This course unfolds in an organic way. Instructors align each class session with group energy and class members’ Higher Sel ves and Core Essence. Nothing is taught the same way twice. New technique and energy frequencies oftenspontaneously emerge.  Energy dynamics of each class determines the pace and order of how course elements are delivered.

Year One and Two (Beginner & Intermediate)

Conscious Connection to Higher Self and Source of All Creation

  1. Meeting Barrier Elements (judgment, terror, guilt, shame, fear) within with compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love
  2. Shifting our duality perception orientation to heart/direct knowing
  3. Synthesizing energetic awareness with body/emotional awareness
  4. Detangling codependent relationship energy cords (3D to 5D methods)

Psychodynamics of the Wounded/Abused Inner Child

  1. Stages of human development; the auric/energy field
  2. Psychological and emotional defense
  3. Generation of energy obstructions in our organic bliss channel
  4. Reparenting and repatterning
  5. Map the Emotional Body in Alignments with Energy Information Vortices (chakras)
  6. Dialogue: Wounded Child, Shadow Child, Divine Child

Expanded Sense Perception

  1. Clearing fear/personal empowerment issues that limit expanded sense perception
  2. Enhancing/expanding sense perception
  3. Validation of energetic awareness and non-duality perception
  4. Active/passive retrieval of information from the auric field
  5. Accessing and following intuition and spiritual guidance
  6. Team collaboration with non-physical healing partners (guides, angels)
  7. Clarity and the art of conscious dialogue

Energy Technique:  Being totally present to the highest awareness in ourselves and our clients requires asking what needs to happen rather than anticipating what needs to be done.  Staying in the ‘now’ accesses the sea of Source energy with fewer mental distortions. Planning a healing session is indicative of a need to be in control. To drop into depth surrender, we are willing to be clear, open, honest, and willing to take responsibility for our Barrier Material and Ego/Shadow. This being said, technique is shared in successive class sessions.

  1. One Breath technique for opening the continuum of higher energy frequency information, consciousness, and relationships
  2. Creating and holding space for the Healing Holodigm
  3. Energy Field Mastery – developing skill levels that differientiate, access, repair, reintegrate and balance all information centers (chakras)
  4. Auric, Radiatory (shareable wave) and Essence Healing
  5. Opening and clearing the heart chakra; assist with the emergence of lighted heart cords
  6. Celestial Vision — seeing into the physical body, the aurid field, and beyond (timelines)
  7. Repair, restructuring, replacement of the structured aspects of the auric field
  8. Sound/tone — directed laser energy frequencies
  9. Mass Consciousness — Team/Group Healing



Required Reading

Hands of Light – Barbara Brennan

Talking With Angels — Gitta Mallasz (Daimon Press, hard to buy a copy)

The Spell of the Sensuous –  David Abram

Not in His Image – John Lamb Lash

Practic and evaluation of energy skills and techniques takes place in small pods during class sessions.

Beginners Tuition: $3,600      Class size is limited to 12

Intermediate Tuition: $5,000   Class size is limited to 20


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Year Two (Advanced)

Personal Clearing:  Dismantling and Dissolving Dysfunctional Energetic Templates (Snake Templates)

  • Emotional Templates
  • Physical Form Templates

Liberation from the 3d Construct

  • Experiential Understanding of 3D Paradigms and Alignments with Dysfunctional Templates
  • Portfolio of 3D Templates and  correlations to those still running fear based 7 chakra energy fields
  • Mapping and Correlations between 3D Paradigm and Dysfunctional Templates

Advanced Technique

  • Being the physical embodiment of unconditional love
  • Surrender to Source: love your wounded heart
  • Structure of the auric field; how each element of the energy field functions in the human body-mind experience
  • Body scanning and energy assessments
  • Demystifying clairvoyance
  • Auric Field and the co-creation of disease
  • Modulating energy flow and grounding multidimensional energy fields in the body
  • General clearing of obstructed energy from the auric field
  • Clearing archaic 3D duality of perception; lifetime timelines
  • Divine Triad — grand soul mirrors of Source/Feminine/Masculne creative energies

Practice in the “Real” World – Emergence of Your Unique Healership

  1. Monadic Interface – 12 chakra Energy Fields and the Light Body
  2. Angels and 5D Frequency Surgeons and Physical Template Masters
  3. Accessing, Maintaining the Frequency of the Silver/Violet Ray
  4. Past Life, Astral Body, Alternate Reality Healing — Ancestral Genetic Cords
  5. Detangling, Dissolving and Managing the Energy Dynammics of dysfunctional power/relationship cords
  6. Working Body Templates — soft tissue, muscle, bone, vascular systems
  7. Quantum Jumping, Rewriting Timelines


Required Reading

Light Emerging – Barbara Brennan

Gene Keys  –  Richard Rudd

Job’s Body – Deane Juhan


Advanced Tuition: $6,500

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Small group support pods meet during class sessions

  • We emphasize the value of support outside of training sessions
  • We emphasize the value of continuing education and upgrading skills
  • Supervision and accountablity sessions are essential
  • Therapy — is it required? No. Is it recommended? At times, yes.
  • Daily Proecess — quiet time, meditation, self-examination, and continuing exploration of Shadow and Barrier Material in your life
  • Refraining from toxic media and communication channels
  • Self-love and self-care

Correspondence work, written assignments, online support: Practicum and written assignments are due at each class as scheduled. Word processing/pdfs of written assignments is appreciated. Physical printing of written assignments is required for purpose of student files.


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