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What a range of emotions we’re been exposed to!

I feel compassion, sorrow, frustration, anger, uplifted, challenged and on the edge of my seat listening to the stories coming from Mexico City and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I ask Gaia if these ‘natural disasters’ are indeed natural. Are they part of the plan to disempower Hispanics and Latinos in North America? How much vitriol and hatred is being directed at Hispanics and Latinos in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election and since Drumpf came into the White House?

Hispanics and Latinos have already created a seismic shift in the demographics of the United States. Caucasian Americans no longer hold first place when it comes to racial majority status. I personally wonder if the Draco Reptilian contingent who have engineered ethnic and genetic animosity between human beings haven’t geo-engineered these events to step up their campaigns of hatred and division, while they use the methodology of mass destruction to bolster the United States bankrupt economy.

What do you think?

I’ve been quiet for awhile…staying tuned into the planet personally, absorbing and integrating new energies, resting as old patterns are deconstructed and my body catches up with the deep, cellular changes from being on Gaia’s Bliss Path.

Coming out of the 3D Construct and living on Earth 2.0 in full time 5D is exactly like the butterly exiting its cocoon. Entering a new world after being utterly transformed is blissful! I’m learning to adjust to the  sustained pleasure that is possible once one exits the 3D Construct.

So…if you’re reading this? Thanks for picking up this thread in our tapestry of communication. I love hearing from you, and while 2017 projects and co-creations demand time and attention, I read your emails! Thank you for sharing your insights, challenges, changes, and what’s happening in your life.

The reflection of who we are on the inside is showing up on the outside with no optional filters other than we are lost in the frequency of fear or we trust the frequency of love in all its forms of expression except self-sacrifice. Our beautiful planet being, Gaia, isn’t going to sacrifice herself. She’s giving birth. Now. The truth is…not one human being knows what this will look like for humanity.

There is no time…

Your past, present and future selves are becoming one whole expression of your soul. Provided you are an ensouled being. Not every body is. Hard to come out of denial about this. This is the unfolding never before seen, told, or understood narrative that is being authored by Source, our Galaxy, and our planet in which you have full permission and support to DO and BE you. Feel this.

Feel the electromagnetic charge of life force in this affirmation of liberation and self-mastery.

Each day in the last 60 odd days since the switched was flipped to initiate disclosure and collapse of what no longer serves life on earth, I have been in deep and immense gratitude for who I am being, and what I “have” that supports me doing and being me.

I have such deep and immense gratitude for a body that assists in providing a truthful reflection of my daily choices, actions, thoughts, and feelings. I hope you feel the same way about your body, regardless of whether you are, in this moment sick or well.

Home. We are home. We are whole, imperfect and stunning in all the gifts we will soon be sharing with each other, for the benefit of this amazing growth journey, and the world we co-create with every breath. We are transitioning from dependency mode. This is a little scary and it’s definitely challenging.

It’s no longer possible to maintain the illusory reflection that “they” are in charge.

That “they” control us. That “they” don’t care about us.

That “they” are destroying the planet. That “they” own the wealth.

It is no longer possible to maintain the illusory reflection that we are not essentially loved, unless we are loveless in our souls. It is no longer possible to maintain the illusory reflection that it’s all our fault, or we’re not responsible for any of what we experience. It’s no longer possible to maintain the illusory reflection that we are the victims of time, history, gender, or race, or lack of anything. It’s no longer possible to maintain the illusory reflection that we don’t matter, that life is meaningless, and death is terrifying. It’s no longer possible to maintain the illusory reflection that we are separate and alone.

So…now we get to find out, choose and co-create…what is POSSIBLE. Right now.

Every day that we wake up in a physical form that is the apex of energy in motion in charge in love. I love you. I love me. I love this world. I love humanity…and people. I love my path to purpose. I love my choices, good and bad. I love what is eternal and forgiving as I try and fail, fall and get up, reach out and miss, and eventually hit my mark. My mark. Not someone else’s mark. May your awakening be gentle, complete, powerful.

May you learn to be in charge in love. All we have to do is consciously choose what we want in and for love. Today, I will make a hearty squash soup. I will do laundry. I will take out my compost. I will shower and brush my teeth. Wash dishes. Shop for necessities. Laugh. Flow into busy schedules to enjoy time with family and friends.

If what you are experiencing “out there” isn’t a frequency match for who you believe you are, or who you and your soul are as a unified creative force, then your past, present and future selves are bringing the gift of truthful reflection.

There is no time…

We all have absolute permission to BE and DO who we are and live our path to purpose as resppnsible, loving stewards of this planet, whatever form she chooses to take and as long as she chooses to include us in her journey.

It’s no longer possible to blame “THEM” for our choice to be dependent and disempowered in our lives and communities.

It’s no longer possible to be afraid of the emotional, co-creative power we choose to give away in exchange for the illusory reflection of “safety” in lives in which how we relate to life remains static and undisturbed.

It’s no longer possible to accept the illusion that we are unloved, separate and alone.

Now…you get to choose…to DO YOU. Instead of passively watching the inauguration of the next president of the United States,

I’m inviting friends and neighbors to stop by in a rolling celebration of the sharing community in which I am blessed to be living.

If you would like to “drop by” through Zoom, let me know and I’ll send you a link to my casual gathering. I would love to see your face! If just for five minutes of solidarity for choosing heart-centered connections all over the world.

Peace and Blossings, and let’s remember to celebrate Gaia’s asserting her authority.

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