Posted by on August 6, 2016

Just for fun, I’ve labeled the doorway into this hurtful soul domain White Witches, Evil Fairy Godmothers, Untrustworthy Females, Crappy Women Friends, and…Mom?

How do we clear our DNA of dis-empowering, fear causing, and soul diminishing relationships with women who are part of everyday life and our soul lineage?

Most of us know or are in relationship with at least one woman who actually wishes you ill because of her fear state every time she thinks of you! Yes, this woman might even be your mother…or you might be this woman! Or have been this woman in another incarnation if you happen to be in a man’s body right now.

The wreckage such women leave behind is unconscious 90% of the time. You don’t often have insight into the why of what they are doing or thinking.

You may only have a vague sense of something being slightly off with a woman you know and care about. Her emotional support may be qualified and it arrives with a trigger to your issues, or implication that you are “doing it wrong,” or the unstated demand that you’re meant o take care of her needs. Meanwhile, she’s a not interested or a bit clueless about your needs or shining soul-self.

How much of this do you contribute to these experiences with your distorted light and whacked DNA? Trust me, working your way through this bumpy ride leads to awesome sauce on the other side!

Women long to live the truth and beauty of divine feminine power yet we may also fear owning and embodying this power because of the earth trauma women have endured in almost every culture on the planet! Only a few of our indigenous matriarchal societies offer ceremony, rights of passage, and loving mentoring of girls and women.

As you are engaging in a conscious relationship with your DNA and mitochondria, invite revelation and information about any White Witches, Evil Fairy Godmothers, or Jealous Mothers in your soul lineage!

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Remember, these women could be you in another aspect or in another time, so opening to this information is remarkably and quickly transformative. Doing this exploration is an loving gift to our planetary being, Gaia-Sophia, who longs to live in the truth and beauty of her divine feminine power — an experience she is doing her best to co-create.

A new acquaintance has offered to write up a recent clearing consciousness experience she had recently. When she shares this information with me, I’ll ask if I may share it with you. It’s a wonderful example of how this information will open up to you in the simplest and gentlest of ways — when you’re ready!

I can share this with you. There is a gathering planned for the weekend of August 20 and 21st just outside Philadelphia.

Here’s the information: The Sacred Master Key
Limited to 20 participants comfortable with the unknown and who have intermediate to advanced healing skills.


If this invitation resonates with you, I look forward to seeing you soon.
If the timing isn’t right for you, forward this email to anyone you think might resonate with this, as their timing will be different from your. Let me know of your interest and where you are in the world, as this is a pretty portable event.

We play, explore, and with Gaia’s agreement, we’ll experience¬†embedding anchoring higher dimensional frequencies into the earth, through the realms of our earth Elementals, we’ll connect 3D to 5D.

One intent is to recover bits of human history that have resulted in our 2 strand DNA. Another intent is to dissolve any and all past, present and future black magic practices that create suffering for women, children and humanity here on earth. A third intent is to understand how to use the sacred master key, and to leave the gathering ready to use it.

Bring your inner Shaman, your high priestess, your Catholic school nun, your recovered Wounded Healer, your Sacred Grandmother, and Wonder Woman to this gathering!

Men are most welcome to attend!

Bring all your life-affirming archetypes and a loving heart to our co-creative journey — which will include tuning into information about two significant astrological alignments in August.

Please share this information! >>

Our collaborative energy assists Gaia-Sophia and humanity in taking another huge leap forward into sovereignty and grace in the coming weeks.

If you’re in the Philadelphia region, don’t miss it! People are flying in from the West Coast to attend this gathering.