Posted by on August 3, 2016

What’s Your Genetic Lineage?

Unpacking genetic lineage info from your DNA is essential to clearing earth trauma signatures that are holding our planet back from realizing her dream of galactic sovereignty. Have you unpacked your past lives? This partially clears your DNA coding and assists you in being able to connect the dots between personal past life experiences and traumatic earth events.

Unpacking genetic lineage info from your DNA 2 strand coding is key to using your bio-photons in bending light according to your conscious intention; this is how we co-create reality and invite others to join in our co-creations.

In this video, I share a personal example of an experience of unpacking genetic lineage info from my DNA.

I hope this information offers you practical guidance on how to enjoy a conscious relationship with your genetic lineage.

In this video, I share the highlight of the Enki and Enlil part of our genetic heritage. Synthesizing your 1 strand of Enki DNA and your 1 strand of Enlil DNA is a big task. However, once you understand the “why” behind the synthesis, it’s easier to flow with the states of conscious awareness that make the synthesis possible.



Remember your consciousness flow states:

  • Experience: is stuck in the experience (narrow, feeling state focus, unpleasant, pleasant)
  • Observe; ask what’s happening (bigger energy field)
  • Choose: ask “what else is possible in this moment?” Choose from new options brought by your inner observer (bigger energy field)
  • Co-create: what is the most loving, life-affirming path through this experience into a new experience (biggest energy field rearranges molecules)


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