Living Lessons Library Offers Multiple Educational Opportunities for Healing & Self-Empowerment

Our Planet, Gaia is evolving. Our world is changing. 3D reality is collapsing/transforming. Thousands of people are being catapulted into an awakening consciousness process with little to no preparation. Many people feel depressed, confused, defeated, and hopeless within the 3D paradigm, what we affectionately refer to as ‘the construct’ — once we’re out of it. Here at Living Lessons Library we offer multiple educational opportunities. First, our foundation courses help you understand how the 3D construct is actually embedded INSIDE of you and yet why you may still believe that you are trapped inside the 3D construct as an external experience.

A truthful foundation is essential because the 3D Construct of our world is entirely based on the design of embedding lies in our world, in our personal realities, in our relationships, and in our bodies.

Here at Living Lessons Library, we understand that everything is information and consciousness in relationship. Our purpose here is to help you experience your life as information and consciousness in healthy, co-creative relationships that regenerate and recharge your life force.

To accomplish this in co-creative partnership with you, we offer course material that is based on more than two decades of validated personal transformation that has saved and changed many, many lives. Our approach to spiritual transformation is based on methods of energy healing that resulted in physician verified physical healing taking place in hospitals — again, more than twenty years ago. Our approach to education begins with the science of co-creation and then we reach further into dynamics of sacred union, sacred parenting, and a sacred and co-creative relationship with Gaia and her reality builders, her Elementals and Devas.

Think this is too other-worldly or woo-woo? On the contrary, our educational approach changes what happens to you, to us, at the atomic and molecular level. Why? Because our educational approach is based on the knowledge that our human birthright is to be co-creators. To step into our human birthright, and our sovereignty, it’s our responsibility to live, in truth, as soul-embodied human beings.

The first step is waking up, becoming conscious, of who you are, and who you are not by seeing and being in compassionate relationship with the lies in which 3D realith and our global culture has deliberately embedded within us: Heartbreak by Design.

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The 3D Construct has been embedded into your energy field, into your DNA, and it is held in place by a system of dyfunctional energy templates which our unawakened DNA will interpret as ‘reality’.

As we transition to 5D Earth 2.0, we open to modification of our genetics through organic means only. We begin to educate ourselves, some of us from the inside out as was the case with me in 1989,  into an understanding of how the human energy field is meant to function in its organic state of bliss as well as how we continue to re-create and maintain our own prisons within — no guards required beyond our 7 chakra energy field.

The inner conflict from which many human beings suffer is not our natural state. It is quite literally engineered to siphon off our life force and divert it to systems/dimensions/beings who have no organic connection to this planet or the Source of All Being, All Creation. The ‘human condition’ of separation, strife, discord, hate, selfishness, greed, competition for resources, and violent power-over dynamics at the individual, familial, community, nationa, global collective is a gigantic lie in which we are complicit in agreeing to believe.

Truth is not ours to dispense! However, Living Lessons Library creator has been gifted with several tried and tested approaches to inner work and outer expression.Co-creation Catalysts 101

Healthy, whole human beings in transformation, this is the time and opportunity to discover how to live each day knowing that your hair will stand up, and you’ll feel tingles up your spine when you and non-subjective truth embrace each other as a living experience — DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

Your heart will open you to an organic process of awakening which your mind will be unable to deny; so begins your unique healing journey it its individual/human collective aspects.