Deep transformation needs continuous, trustworthy inspiration. This event will inspire your spirit to carry on with inner and outer resets of your unique Jedi-Divergent life purpose.


Rather than aspiring to be an elite mystery school, Living Lessons Library offers a familiar educational environment for Awakening Men and Women. Our gatherings are Joyful ,Fun, and Dynamic!

Meet Your Tribe

Having to keep your secret superpowers leads to an isolated life. How many people with Jedi-Divergent attributes thrive and survive in spite of their 3D Earth Birth bumps and DNA families of origin issues?

Q & A Session

Deep transformation raises difficult questions which younger Jedi-Divergents have been encouraged to ignore. We all need validation for going within to develop our discernmant and trusting inner re-Sourcing.

Inner Somatics:
Flow State
Static State
Resetting Your Divine Blueprint

In “flow” state, our open trusting heart, emotions, mindset, bio-field, energetic templates and essence fluidly align. We live in the now, or zero point energy. Moment to moment co-creative expressions in our daily lives and larger time cycles unfold with ease, abundance, and graceful relationships. We feel whole, enlivened, energized, clear-minded, and happy. We are HOME.

In static states of consciousness, heart-set and mindset fall into an oppositional relationship. Our emotional body, ENERGETIC bio-field and quantum light-being are polarized. With jagged fits and starts, We move in and out of dead light duality patterns. We’re high, we’re depressed, or caught in time loops of internal conflict, a static-generating layer of inorganic frequency begins to manipulate and distort our energy field. Conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind states fall into separation. We feel out of sync, out of sorts, stuck, and triggered into a sense of powerlessness that disrupts our relationships and the flow state of co-creative pleasure. 

When we do not have enough energetic resources to self-correct our contracted states of awareness, we begin to co-create Shadow, pain, and suffering. Without voluntarily taking up the inner personal process needed to reconnect with Source, we are involuntarily sucked into more stagnation and Entropy. Dead light quanta stagnate in our bio-field and our energy bodies go into lock-down. Disconnected from Source, no new life-sustaining energy can flow into our individuated Self to clear disruptions and accumulating dead light distortions and miasms.

We generate ‘static’ when our electromagnetic currents are thrown out of balance. We “amp up” incoming electric (power) currents from our quantum being to appear more powerful while dampening down or completely shut off return magnetic (essence) currents flowing from planet, to heart, to Home so as not to appear “weak”. An uncorrected, static/Entropy cycle leads to physical illness, mental or emotional fragmentation, and breakdown.

Jedi-Divergent Superpowers:
Disarm Your Shadow
Clear Dead Light Miasm/DNA Patterns
Integrate Living Light

What are your superpowers? Where do your superpowers come from? What is the difference between having access to “magic” and being super ’empowered’ by Living Light Quanta that is your superpower? Which universal archetypes do you most resonate with? Jedi? Divergent? Xmen? Wonder Woman? Black Panther? All modern archetypes of super beings.

Have you released attachment to HIStorical, imbalanced archetypes of ancient Greek and Roman gods and their Spirit World Elemental servants?

In this workshop, we will release attachments to archetypes of domination and control through pain and planned destruction of the human species.

Disarming Shadow: Learn specific energy techniques for generating powerful personal boundaries and for disarming Shadow Elements that persist in terrifying dreams or in your waking hologram as “real people” with destructive issues and impulses.

Clear Dead Light Miasms/DNA patterns. These  patterns organize emotions and sexual energy into Neg-Entropy body issues and illness. Actively engage visualizations and energetic conversations with every part of your body, mind, and Whole Self. Co-create an intimate, pleasurable  partnership of empowerment and wellness.

Every Source sparked-Being has the superpower to restore and reset its individual Divine Blueprint. This pattern of light and sound guides our physical experience perceptions. Understand archetypal patterns ! How do these patterns work for or against being a new earth co-creator — this is your most important superpower!

The Key to "Switched On" Genetics?
Your Unique Heart-Source Resonance
Reclaim Your Organic Golden Flow

The SOUND of loving connection to Source awakens strands of  DNA that activate your  life purpose at atomic, molecular, elemental, and cellular levels. Heart resonance awakens inner wisdom, knowledge and embodied relationships that empower you to reset your divine blueprint. 

Restore your organic golden flow state. Clear dead light, miasmic distortions. Recognize and respond to incoming triggers that trick you into shutting down emotionally so that you close your heart. Every  time you choose love over fear  SOUND waves resonate throughout your body. Powerful rhythms, literal drumbeats, echo from your heart out into the co-created multiverse whenever you choose co-creation. Assert and maintain your inner somatics intention to co-create healthy, loving  boundaries: Source yes. Not Source? No.

Each time we choose love over fear, energy flows into and out of our heart’s frequencies spark specific, genetic codes. These codes activate and strengthen our Source-given, life purpose fulfilling superpowers. Do you have more than one Jedi or Divergent life purpose or superpower? Many Indigo Children do! Reclaim your organic golden flow frequency and take that home with you!

We are collapsing and merging timelines on new Earth. We are changing our past as well as our collective, human future. We are using our superpower consciousness to heal personal, familial and planetary wounds. We are evolving earth stewards who are releasing all claims of God-like dominion over nature and planetary being Gaia.

image golden gaia

Shareable Waves of Transformation!

Jedi? Divergent?Flame-Keeper? X-Men? Healer? Fun self-descriptive labels. The bottom line of the human heart connection? Humanity is our concern. You are your brother’s keeper. A Source-sparked Being struggling to remember your authentic Self. You are a living communication network unlimited in range, impact, and contribution to human Wholeness. 

You are a shareable wave resonating information about our new earth paradigm and its templates of co-creation. You are free of dogma, hierarchy, dis-empowerment and the first cause of karma and suffering: service to self. 

Siddhis, old paradigm hallmarks of enlightenment, today are your organic birthright, a gift from our universal DNA. We no longer need the false light mask of static perfection.We no longer wear the bloodied wardrobe of self-sacrifice.  Direct cognition, emotional fluidity, sacred sensuality, telepathy, remote viewing, light travel, constructing and collapsing timelines, quantum jumping are ALL Source-sparked gifts that have no alignment with the use of “magic.” 

You are a Shareable Wave of Transformation. Receiver. Broadcaster. Transmitter. Relay Station. Power Source.  Energy. Information. Consciousness. All interacting in  dynamic, timeless, relationships emerging from and returning to Source.

Meet Your Heart's Real Needs
Enhance Your Super Powers with Robert Jokel

We’ll examine the energetic constructs that contribute to our worldview. Does 7our worldview support the life you want to create? If not, what new worldview can you adopt to create the life you do want? The needs  of our Soul , our central axis, and our chakras drive us. Every aspect of our energy system communicates our real NEEDS. When we know what our real NEEDs  are and what will fulfill them, we hold the keys to sharing a more fulfilling life.  

Primary and secondary voices: Your primary voice is aligned with your life force. This voice knows who you are and what we desire from life. It knows what we our heart seeks to do with our precious time and energy. It knows who you love. Our secondary voices are essentially here to keep us safe  within the shell of our limited worldview.

Saying yes or saying no has an effect on our immune system. When we are empowered to say “NO” to those “things” to which we need to say NO … we are better equipped to say YES to ourselves and the choices that meet our real need. Our inability to say “NO” results in living a life that feels like it is not our own.  

Create a compelling future. How?   We’ll explore concrete steps that lead us towards our “compelling future.” We’ll explore what could potentially distract us or move us off course. Being clear about our “yes” and our “no” has the effect of collapsing an alternate axis. An alternate axis can be described as a life path built upon a false self that our unconscious mind creates to fulfill a specific need, such as approval from others. You’ll learn how to strengthen your central axis and to be clear about healthy boundaries.

Do we give our Jedi-Divergent authority away to others or do we take responsibility for our own lives? For example: When dealing with a challenge, we can choose to seek expert counsel from professionals while remembering we are the greatest authority on ourselves. Would you choose to be the “good patient” and do what you are told without checking in to see if what is recommended resonates with you? Why? Time to find out! 

Heart-Source Connection: Direct Experience

A pleasurable central channel of energy runs through the middle of our bodies. When we reorganize, integrate the information and then release the 7 chakra energy field, we have the option to connect directly with planetary being Gaia in our hearts and beneath our feet and with Source Creator in our hearts and above our heads!

Our primal, birthright, organic Heart-Source connection brings us into horizontal, vertical, and axial alignment with gigantic  fields of universal energy flows and with delightful, creative, and specific Elementals: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Through our direct connection, we begin to communicate with all life forms from our heart space. Heart frequency is the Jedi-Divergent- Wild Card that Source is now using to nurture our accelerated evolution.

In this workhop, we’ll share simple yet powerful techniques that make these connections available to you anytime, and anywhere. Learn them. Use them daily. Develop, trust, and master your Jedi-Divergent Superpowers!

When: March 8 Friday 9:30 am - 9:00 pm
March 9 Saturday 9:30 am - 9:00 pm
March 10 Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Where: Philadelphia, PA USA

Cost: $375 includes healthy lunch each day.
Lodging & Additional Meals not included.

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Cost is $300 when paid in full by 2/15/2019.
Enjoy a Manayunk eatery! Dine out with other participants! 
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Your Experiential Guides

Anaiis Salles

>> Click this text to enroll based on your connection with Anaiis Salles

Healing and Transformational Catalyst, Salles introduced new modalities of energy healing beginning in the 1990’s with her Living Lessons two year program. Today, these techniques are considered “standard.” Always on the cutting edge of heart-centered energy healing,  awakening consciousness, and the empowerment that is embodied Wholeness, Salles’ courses Co-Creation Catalysts and Wisdom Body have ignited students and clients into states of self-mastery. Offering life-changing online, remote, and in-person private sessions, Salles has also created Sourced Solutions, a physical product line that gently assists powerful healing breakthroughs for body/mind/spirit issues. The Essences also help us manage ascension  and DNA activation symptoms. When not leading international retreats, Salles lives in Philadelphia, PA; USA where she  practices regenerative Bio Eneregtics and conscious co-creation.

image Anaiis Salle
image Robert Jokel

Robert Jokel

>>  Click this text to enroll based on your connection with Robert Jokel

Robert Jokel is the director and producer of the self-help documentary film, Immune to Cancer: Bring the full strength of your immune system to the aid of your medical program, which will be released soon. He is the developer of LifeForce Immunotherapy (LFIT) and has been helping individuals to overcome a variety of “incurable” illnesses for over 40 years. With his ability to perceive subtle energies, he has developed unique healing methods that facilitate the integration, alignment and coherency of the human energy field. Robert is passionate about helping people to live more fulfilled lives from the depths of their soul and it has been his consistent experience that this is his most powerful “tool” in helping people to physically heal themselves.  

What people say

Thank you this immense sharing and validation of my plodding along for almost 30 years now, busting health care and healing paradigms since 1990. This is the time when our individual efforts, explorations, discoveries and shareable waves will begin to form ISLANDS where all life forms have been restored to their divine blueprints and organic DNA. With deep gratitude...
Juls Madel, USA
I was out of alignment but couldn’t find my “blind spot”. I didn’t know how to be honest with myself at the level necessary. This is so eye-opening. In being honest, I wasn’t a great coach. It was all about me. I can own that and do more shadow work and less harm to others. Thank you for your help and input. You’re someone I owe a great debt to.
Due to the insane firetruck activity over here in LA, which seemed like every few seconds, I decided to check what was going on and opened the window to get a better look. Right then , I was hit with a strong wind into my face which twisted the trees in front of our place. I saw smoke clouds across from us due to some big fires in the area. I closed the window. Immediately, my throat, my mouth started to swell up.First , I tried colloidal silver,but nothing changed. So I used the Essences # 2122 and Silver Violet Ray all over my throat with the intent to clear my throat, the trachea and the mouth which worked pretty well. The pain and swelling is gone now.
S. Tecson, USA
Everything happens for a reason. We all are unique. You have given me information that is truthful and I am already on it. The workshop was a lot to integrate on many different levels. A powerful group of women. Thank you for your email. I am in agreement with all things on seeing the lesson(s). Not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
L. Coldren, USA
Like you, I arrived via a wormhole/stargate... but it was hijacked because this was not my original destination - should have been an Atlantean lifetime. Many in Lillyia's group had also been hijacked. I think this may be significant. We were forced through an opening that wasnt big enough and this altered the destination time and place. Perhaps it is a warning the stargates have been compromised and are not safe... yet. My feeling is perhaps black holes or entities are stationed inside to divert the evacuees. Hope this adds to the picture. Nice communicating with you - if I were in Philly, I'd love to come to one of your events. Blessings
G. Thibault, Australia
A jedi belt. Including wallet (attached with a chain to its pouch) work mittens, measuring tape, pocket knife, scissors, pocket saw (metal and wood) day pouch (for seeds mostly) phone/earphones/extra battery pouch and first aid tin (includes tea tree oil, Arnica extract, cloth, nail clippers and a few pins for digging out thorns and splinters. It does require that I wear a tunic or an overskirt as it is totally incompatible with modern trousers. Funny how this creative drive manifests itself. That is everything I need on a daily basis to be an efficient permaculture creator.
A. Williams, France
I am sending you this picture in order to better explain what I discovered in the last 2 days. This is a picture of the medicine wheel formed by the waters. What is interesting here is that a man made structure was built and used to make Ottawa the Capital of Canada, whereas the Natural Chaudieres Falls were hidden from the tourists eyes. I sense that this canal is where many distortions enter into the water, such as control, death, Imprisonment, enslavement which also influence the collective. When you force water to do something that it was not meant to do it creates havoc. It was also brought to my attention that many royal families live in cities with Canals. Canals are Controlled waterways thus enabling to control human=ways. I have placed an orb of golden light on the canal as to no longer have these distortions fill the waterways. This was an important to assist the transition that is occurring.
E. Kasanda, Canada
Just a quick story about how time and co-creation are changing. Last week I met an old client in a cafe. We were both busy with other people but he said we need to speak and booked a time to catch up the next week. Next day I met another client who was looking for a new office for his business. In our discussions it became clear he needed something unusual and I would need to think hard about finding him something to suit. Then a few days later I caught up with the first client from the cafe. During that meeting he said he wanted to sell his property - which was a perfect fit for the guy looking for an office. I was absolutely stunned to realise this solution had arrived (in the cafe) BEFORE I met with the client looking for an office (the problem). And it was a perfect fit. So the usual linear process of timing seemed reversed but probably it's better said as - everything is happening at once. Also is an example of co-creating as opposed to manifesting. Manifesting usually takes time - co-creation is happening all at once outside of time. Just wanted to share this real world example of co-creation in time. The source be with you...
G. Thibault, Australia
At this time we're living in, when those who long ago turned away from Source are throwing everything they can at us to instill a sense of defeat, and are trying to break our connection to Source, Gaia, and our own souls, it is wonderfully helpful to connect with someone who is able to see to the heart of what is happening, and why. And not just seeing, but organizing and sharing material based on experiencing and knowing, all in a heart centered way. Anaiis is doing exactly that in her Jedi Workshops. I've always wanted to know the true "history" of me, of humanity, of Earth, and most of all to become Whole. But these were only part of my reasons for attending the Jedi Workshops, as I knew I needed some help in navigating some very challenging energy dynamics I was experiencing. One was a sense of defeat, which was a new experience for me. Another was feeling an external pulse go through my heart, after which my heart was arrhythmic, sometimes pounding "out of control". Scary. I could bring it down from that, but it was not going away, and every morning I would awaken with my heart pounding. Not a normal thing for me. With the material that Anaiis shared in her online Jedi Workshops, I was able to go into my body and disarm an etheric dagger, whose tip was embedded in the right side of my heart, right where heartbeat is regulated. My heart immediately slowed, and then I noticed an area of pain, close to my heart. Zeroing in on that, I discovered a particular kind of implant Anaiis had told us about. I was able to remove the implant, the pain went away and it has not returned. My heartrate is normal, I have no more arrhythmia or pounding. And the sense of defeat? That was the first thing to go after Anaiis shared a heartfelt observation that I was feeling what people around me are feeling. I felt the truth of that, and felt the sense of defeat dissipate, knowing it is a program, but it wasn't running in me. For the rest of it, I am using Jedi information and tools daily to continue to help me clear out what I don't want and build what I do want, becoming more Whole and understanding my own and humanity's experience through time. I am very grateful for this and so much more.
C. Aldrich, USA
As we moved through the meditation, I could see and I found that I was moving through a Stargate and as we moved through the deeper parts and pieces of the meditation I found myself moving through a portal, a portal that I have not seen before. It looked like I was moving through a tube with space outside of it, I could see stars not the way you see it in movies when the stars appear to be streaks, from moving by them so fast, the Stars actually seem to be more still and I was moving flowing gently and fast at the same time. It was during the part of the meditation where we were doing the decree affirmations. I felt it as a clear connection to source. I was amazed, it was a really powerful meditation for me. When I shared it with David he also had the experience of seeing a stargate. I would have shared my experience while we were in the workshop but it took me a little more time to put it all together. The workshop helped me clarify and innerstand a lot more of the information, in the videos we work with in between workshops. Anaiis’s translations are helping me sew more of together, it is getting easier to work with. I am feeling the pressures and pings in very specific places in my body of where I need to clear things. They show up as sharp, shooting pains or dole aches in the top of my head, near my thyroid and in my heart. As I was able to stabilize myself in 5d, my body was pain free for a while, smooth sailing. As Anaiis described in the Jedi workshop, I am now on to dealing with what needs to be cleared with density 2, the visuals are really helping me innerstand more.
A. Townsend, USA
I’m relishing this opportunity to speak to the current moment… so Anaiis, please feel free to use anything that feels relevant to your purpose of gathering others for the Jan 12 workshop. The timing of these Jedi Workshops is right on cue for me, offering an incredibly useful tool to clear out the trash. To use a housekeeping metaphor, what I know has been the most important effort in my life has been and continues to be, the process of letting go what no longer serves. From gross to super-subtle. As it gets subtler, it also gets trickier to discern what is True… what is Source. I trust the signposts that show up in my artwork, my creative process and how I feel in my heart. And I feel the urgency to dig deeper. These workshops allow a deeper dig. The Deane material is very dense and a lot of it I don’t understand at all. But I do relate to it. For 50 years I’ve had trustworthy guidance that appears as blue and green light. Mostly blue. Azurite! I know it! So there is that. And when for 2 nights over Christmas I was being attacked at night (longer story not relavant to this) the Maharic Shield exercise showed up right exactly then and I used it. The attacks stopped. I delved in deeper with the other exercises and a curious thing happened. By New Years Eve my energy dropped. Significantly. I suspected some shadow material had showed up. Yeah, ‘Bitch Beneatha’. She’s a self-sacrificing, slave girl who drives really hard. She holds a LOT of energy and I started loving her… again. Not so easy, not so fast. She’s very tough. We cried together… a lot. She’s a LOT more integrated today (Saturday), and we took some journeys together, exploring where she’s conflated with my this-life mother, and with a difficult past-life where I was mother/slave and so we came to some new territory and I have new respect for her journeys. For her pain. And we come to peace… again. This time round. So with these Jedi tools, we can dig as deep as we want to… or as we can. And so my determination to embody beauty, joy and creativity is re-set. 2019. Woo Hoo!
T. Melcher, USA
I personally felt very important to ask permission during both exercises. Even if the Maharic Seal practice template had been hijacked, I personally feel it would not be distorted if the process was added: “asking permission“ and “listening and connecting” the ping-back answer from the planet Gaia, which would nullify the distortions. Reading Anaiis’s recent telegram comments in this group, and especially, doing Maharic Seal and Gold Leak work consecutively gave me insights to the question above. Comparing Anaiis’s procedure instructions with M. Deane’s instructions were really insightful for me. Mainly, I personally felt the practice was not “asking” Gaia. Less chance to ask if not focusing on feeling the heart energies. Hence, pushing down from the head passing the heart first. Pushing down the hierophant seemed raping Her or injecting a syringe to a battery when connecting to the planetary core. Looking at the planet as merely as an energy power source, a “battery”, not a living being. I see this “battery view” in many other people claiming to be connected and grounded, energetically “rooting and looting” the planet Gaia. Anyway, I would not have skimmed thru A. Deane’s materials personally, so my curiosity appreciated Anaiis to give her perspectives and updates on Deane’s stuff. Some hints and insights on not to throw a baby out from the bathwater. What is the “baby” parts in A. Deane’s stuff. And how to discern and feel the “bathwater”.
H.N., Japan


“Result from the Gold Leak meditation and Jedi Workshop description: I wanted to quickly share something: you had spoken about how you dealt with the attacks. I put that to use last night. I have had a lame shoulder for about 2 weeks prior Thanksgiving. Came out of nowhere and felt like a torn ligament. I did not do anything cause this, and had been doing the gold leak exercise to keep from dealing with a frozen shoulder. This morning my shoulder is void of pain! I am so amazed! All day I have been rotating and moving my arm and it is just fine! Wow!

Thank you so much! 
See you in the next workshop, until then…”

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