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Google has deleted my Living Lessons Library YouTube Account.

As a result, there will be many built out pages that incorporated YT videos which will no longer be visible.

I have Vimeo and Screencast-O-Matic accounts, so years of content are not “disappeared” and neither am I!

Pls look for addtional video posts here and on my Vimeo Account.Also check on my Steemit Blog and look for DTube posts.

Most importantly! Pls visit  www.sourced.life/solutions and

www.sourced.life/membership , my other websites, and consider becoming a member and exploring my line of living water Essences.

Living Lessons Library:  A collection of personal anecdotes and profound examples of healing, DNA activation abilities,shamanic journeys, and remarkable knowledge that comes from within —  all having the to power to change reality.

The premise of the information you find here is that human beings have a divine birthright. We co-create with our planet, Gaia-Sophia. When we choose to consciously co-create, we find we have all we need to live in well-being and to thrive.

Our collective Path to Purpose is embedded in our physical relationship with our planetary being, Gaia-Sophia. By interacting directly with Gaia-Sophia, Her Story, and her life forms awakened individuals and collectively contribute to All Creation.

You carry within your heart the divine seed of awakening to your path to purpose,  and living as your essential, authentic self.

This knowledge changes worlds.

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