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Your Story?
Or your Life?

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Discover How to Break Up With Your Mother
Without Breaking Your Heart or Hers

Learn to feel your needs. Have clear boundaries. Be willing to walk into the unknown.

Learn how to reclaim your life force. Let your emotions lead. Discover your awakened life.

Why Don't I Feel Seen or Heard?




  • Caretaker
  • Invisible
  • Broken
  • Scapegoat
  • Clown

Women living unconsciously maintain  shadow royalty’s hierarchy; this creates pain and suffering. 

Women living unconsciously,  without the free purposeful, and honest intention which comes with emotional clarity, help keep patriarchy firmly in place.

Deconstruct this M2M Template from your energy field and live from your original and unique divine feminine blueprint.

  • Dress
  • Schedule
  • Activities
  • Food & Friends
  • Religion

I’m caretaker for a woman I can’t please. My choices are always somehow not quite right. I never receive acceptance and gratitude.

The sacrifices I make for my mother’s approval are rarely acknowledged.

Trusting my impulses? I have no idea how to begin.

I feel lost in a maze of emotions I can’t name. I want a mother who sees and hears me.

I ‘m weary of living my life doing the exact opposite of how my mother lives.

Rebel, react, blow up, fall to pieces. I’m hiding from myself and so tired of being called out as the Broken One.

Where and how is change possible?

Exhausted from self-sabotaging relationships, I’m lonely.

I’m afraid to trust  being loved.

I Feel I'm a Commodity or a Tool. Needed, But Not Loved.

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It’s time for me to let go of being afraid of life because I’m a woman of color.  I ask myself if the cultural cage my mother accepts is the only place for me? Are her fears driving my choices?





This Question is on My Clients' Mind...

Is it Me?
(Is There Something Wrong With Me?)

How many more years will you waste living someone's else's story?

How much more emotional chaos, criticism, and confusion are you willing to endure? Why?

How much more money will you spend on books, shoes, hours of retail and talk therapy
before you finally get the key to your 'happy place'?

Benefit #1

See this Template in Your Life. Break the Mother-Fogging Spell!

Come into a community that knows what you’re going through and how transforming your relationship with yourself clears this fog.

Benefit #2

Feel your intention interact with life force energy.

Be aware — energetically — when your Soul-Self boundaries are being breached. Basic technique on defending against life force loss and repairing the holes in your energy field!

Benefit #3

Re-write your life story as often as you choose!

Break through self-worth issues keeping you in fear of your creative inspiration or feeling shamed for needing life-affirming boundaries.

Benefit #4

Are You a 'Me Too' Mom?

Our retreat could help save a relationship with a child who is letting go of connection with you but you don’t know why.

March 13, 14 & 15, 2020
Friday - Sunday
10:00 aM -5:00 PM

Facilitator: Anaiis Salles, Course Creator

Co-Facilitator: Marina Patrice Vare

$375 When You Register Before March 7th
Save $100!

Tell Me More About
'Your Story? Or Your Life?'
Workshop Features

Our experienced facilitators are fluent in new language used to describe healing energy domains and the awakened Soul-Self bridge on which we stand and grow together.

            • YSOYL process
            • Creative Art Elements
            • Subtle energy skills-building
            • Group discussion
            • Movement & Breathwork
            • Visualizations
            • Inner Journeys
            • Follow up homework
            • Hot Button Checklist
            • Access to M2M Patreon online coaching groups

We create a circle of energy where paths of creativity, curiosity, psychology, play, spirituality, emotional healing, playfulness, life-affirming responses, fully embodied presence, and deep listening meet in
heart-centered community

Mark Your Calendar. Invite Your Friends.
You Know Which Ones Need This. Men Are Welcome.


March 13, 14 & 15, 2020
Friday - Sunday
10:00 aM -5:00 PM

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