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Co-Creation and You

What is the difference between Manifestation (Law of Attraction) and the Co-creative Cycle? 

lesson 1


Incomplete Creation

The journey from 3D to 5D requires transformation of 4D incomplete creations: heaven, hell, and rebirth

Lesson 2


The Taker Spirit

Give and Take is a hidden-in-plain sight agenda that causes suffering. Discover the Taker within You without playing the shame game.

Lesson 3


Clear Your Fear

Fear is an addictive substance that alters your body chemistry and perception.Clear it with intention, conscious decisions, and action.

Lesson 4


Complete Creation

What is a complete creation? How do you initiate, protect or collaborate in complete creation?

Lesson 5


Full Circle Birthright

Enjoy these tranformation tools. Use them every day. You bring the what. Life brings the how and the help . Gaia brings the raw materials. Have fun. Make friends. Play nice. Share.

Lesson 6

why this Course? Why now?

Look around. Listen. Feel. We are in a paradigm shift. 

What do you do when you wake up to the reality that the food you eat, the water you drink, the work you do, the clothes you wear, the cell phone you use, and the life you live are part of a global, toxic environment? 

How do we heal ourselves and our world? What relationship can we have with the extinction event we are in? Do you continue to give away your precious personal power to anxiety, frustration, depression and resignation? Or do you choose to live differently, beginning today, by accepting your human birthright of conscious co-creation?

Are you ready to be a co-creative catalyst? A participant? Or as a passive bystander do you agree to accept and maintain a damaging status quo without making a choice?

Delightful. Surprising. Amazing.


Give yourself the gift of more time. Use it boldly and beautifully!


Collaborative adventures with intuition, inspiration, insight.
Invite a Miracle!


Co-create with your
Masculine and Feminine energies in balanced bliss.

Co-Creating New Earth. Be Love.

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