Waking Up to a Soul Blow-out

I watched your video with Sienna Lea and was blown away. I am right where she is at.  Her honesty and vulnerability were very brave.  It helped me to discover another soul blow out in this lifetime.
Anwyway so much came up and healed me instantly as I’ve been working so hard. I am learning so much and the projection piece really opened me up to get past all of this.
I look at you and Cynthia and Anastasia and I feel such soul love.  And same with Sienna. Please pass it on to her because the freedom I am  Already feels gobsmackingly delicious.


This is an excerpt from a Sacred Union coaching session, shared with permission.
When we give ourselves fully to the journey as a path of advanced, accelerated healing will be exactly that. Advanced, accelerated healing that contributes to transformation of our world.
Your soul, my soul? We are embodied to help our beautiful planet heal herself, too.

Vulnerability: Before and After

From our list of common and possible human fears, we see there are many ways to abandon our radiance, our higher self, our life-affirming connection to Earth, our most important relationships, and getting our real needs met. We use the barrier material to fortify ourselves against real love and create obstacles to living well.

Barrier Material is frozen love, frozen creative light. It is our buried treasure. Every fear listed above contains energy that holds us back from life rather than living fully. It keeps us in duality of perception, out of truthful reality, locked inside our boxes of pain and drama.

By intentionally accessing our subtle energy field information, we begin to see how we manifest fearful, destructive bits of
life stuff without our conscious consent. Rather than co-creating, we  feel pure pain packed beneath careless words and superficial gestures we can use to reassure ourselves ‘this isn’t my fault.’
When our hurt in life originates with our parents in our families, then hurt become synonymous with our expectations of how it feels to be loved. When we’re young, we experience our feelings without rational justification. Innocent Eros is corrupted into the service of pain. We grow up expecting to be hurt, and hurt by those we love most of all. This creates a distortion in our vulnerability.

When we don’t find familiar hurt in our intimate relationships, we use Eros to recreate familiar hurt. When our intimate partners refuse to cooperate with our looping recreations, we become bored with them. No drama, no hurt, no ‘juice.’

Being honest with life and accountable to it means taking responsibility for our incomplete creations. In time, we learn to co-create. Returning to painful childhood experiences isn’t healing if we use these memories to remain comfortable in the role of victim and in control of how we choose our pain. We actively search for any Barrier Material keeping us stuck in acting out roles of perpetrator, victim, or rescuer and dramas that rob of us our life force and our co-creative capacity throughout our lives.

There are five basic ways in which we manipulate the energy of
  • allow, open, flow
  • attract, magnetize, embrace, pull
  • focus, compress
  • push
  • pause, reflect
Learn to use each specific modality in a balanced, healthy rhythm
between assertive expansion and receptive contraction.

These five ways of using your creative life force are comparable to weaving expansion and contraction into the fabric of existence.

In this conscious relationship model, there are five major developmental periods in a person’s life. In childhood as we traverse each of these relational fields, we learn the energy dynamics of our family’s relational field — the rules for getting through life.

In these five developmental periods during childhood and adolescence, when our Wholeness is nurtured we become living radiant archetypes:






Each of the developmental phases constitutes an energetic field of awareness in relationship to the morphogenetic field that is Wholeness. When a field is disturbed, a life-negating energetic template, or stencil, is created.

It’s as if the creative life force is sprayed like paint through a stencil, a stencil  that is created from fear. Until we gather enough energy to pull back and out of these distorted templates of life, we can’t identify these basic patterns or templates or dissolve them, so we are free to co-create our lives, our happiness, and our purpose.

Vulnerability before we evolve into sacred union can be hard to bear and can end up stunting our growth. Vulnerability after we evolve into sacred union?  It’s easier to bear and ends up being the blossoming of your emotional life.