Triggered! Learning to love unconditionally

Sacred Master Key
The power of Sacred Union brings us the potential for assisting with multidimensional transformation of human consciousness.
One such transformation is clearing andcollective dissolution of the dysfunctional emotional templates used to generate chaos, and discord in life in general and emotional and energetic separation specifically between sacred union counterparts.
These templates are part of the 3D Construct, and being triggered by any one of these templates sets off the energy of separation, runner and chasing that take years to resolve within the ‘twin flame’ narrative.
 This intention to generate separation can be a trigger for one or both ‘twins’.
However, those of us who have been prepared to grow and evolve through sacred union are presented with different choices as well as assistance from the Third Way, which is the combined energies of Source, Soul, and feminine and masculine energies.
Whichever of the two sacred union counterparts takes the lead in opening a template after being triggered, whoever will be moved by a felt disturbance in their energy field, to unpack the information and then unwind that energy to transform it into coherent creative energy is determined in the moment, but usually one sacred union counterpart has more life experience while the other may be developing has greater recognition and feeling resonance into the emotion states that are being triggered.
Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn how to consciously interact with these templates that play a major role in our unconscious use of time, energy and life force through mis-use and misdirection of the creative power of human emotion.
Here are three templates I was recently given to clear. All three templates were intended to disrupt and/or contaminate the space of sacred Union that I share with my divine masculine counterpart.
We are embodied.  Real people who have met in 3D. We are each on our mission of co-creating and anchoring in new templates by being professional life coaches.
Here are a few old relationship paradigm templates that surfaced between June 1 and June 13th, 2017:
1) Jealousy/rejection/abandonment
2) Intrigue/deception/betrayal
3) Loss/payoff/disappointment
Template 1:  Jealousy/rejection/abandonment
The first template interrupted connection with my divine masculine counterpart as a result of his choice to create an entanglement with another woman in 3D, a woman who is not his divine counterpart.
I was aware of this choice without him having to tell me that he had gotten into a relationship. Although I’m his sacred union counterpart, it’s not my role to interfere with his free will choices.  However, I do have to manage the impact of his choices on my energy field, emotions, and states of consciousness.
He made this choice because he felt abandoned by me when I withdrew from subtle body charge (sexual) dynamics that didn’t align our heart energies and so couldn’t be used for conscious co-creative purpose. \
I haven’t been in a sexual entanglement for more than 20 years, so when I had a distressing dream that triggered jealousy? I was on alert  for other emotional triggers I know to be associated with the core wound of abandonment and the heartbreak of rejection.
The next event  triggered rejection but because I had already awakened to the dysfunctional emotional template, I quickly moved through the mirroring of rejection ‘for just being me’ without this trigger destabilizing my energy field.
The  next event on that same day was an internal feeling state of emotional abandonment when my counterpart chose not to respond to my phone call because he was feeling/perceiving (being triggered to believe) that I had abandoned him emotionally and sexually when I had not.
It had been some time since we had connected and communicated in truth and transparency, which is an ongoing necessity within the sacred union dynamic.
In my own space, doing my thing with friends, taking a much needed break from a steep learning curve and energetic intensity, I was focused in this direction and not on him, although I was attentive to our union space.
We didn’t get to speak to each until the following day.
In our conversation, I sharedthe jealousy dream and in sharing, I realized the dream had been a gift. It revealed — to ME — having transitioned from a choice to express platonic love with this man into a deepening love that includes sexual desire for him in 3D.
Totally appears to be completely impractical, but The Third Energy doesn’t care about what our ego chooses to think.
Our  conversation cleared the energy of our sacred union space. we communicated not through reactivity — as in a storm/argument — but in clarity, coherence and transparency which is a prime directive intention of union.
Earlier in the week, before taking a weekend off to be with my friends, our combined Higher Self showed up (in the 3rd Energy) to ask him what he wants. One of his expressed desires was a sexual relationship with a 30 year old woman, someone his age, a woman who was interested in him, and who would want to have a sexual relationship with him.
I absorbed his 3D truth and found a neutral relationship to the data that didn’t pull or push me off having realized my love for him  and a deeper self-love, too, because hearing him tell me what he wanted which from his perspective I couldn’t give him, I could have chosen to feel rejected and not good enough, but I didn’t.
My counterpart sharing an expressed desires that couldn’t possibly include me and his doing so triggered us both into bringing up a template for mutual transformation.
Having more life experience, I have lived through making the choice for an intimate relationship that enabled us to remain in separation with ourselves. I wasn’t yet thirty years old when I made the ‘wrong’ choice. There was no one in my real world or spiritual world at that time who could hold unconditional love for me while I gained the wisdom to sort my issues out. I was scared to death of being truly, deeply, madly, and authentically loved.
I chose hearbreak, pain and suffering because there was nothing inside of me that knew healthy love. Sound familiar?
And so my counterpart and I moved through the first template that I had been introduced to but with wisdom and help I didn’t chose separation. Our spiritual maturity allowed for deeper intimacy and greater transparency with each other.  Reconnection with our subtle bodies followed the next day.
In our subtle energy body exchange, my counterpart connected heart energy first before igniting our shared kundalini creative spark. I gladly received this change of approach.  However, our ignited and shared electromagnetic/creative spark triggered Template 2: intrigue/deception/betrayal.