Waking Up to a Soul Blow-out

I watched your video with Sienna Lea and was blown away. I am right where she is at.  Her honesty and vulnerability were very brave.  It helped me to discover another soul blow out in this lifetime.
Anwyway so much came up and healed me instantly as I’ve been working so hard. I am learning so much and the projection piece really opened me up to get past all of this.
I look at you and Cynthia and Anastasia and I feel such soul love.  And same with Sienna. Please pass it on to her because the freedom I am  Already feels gobsmackingly delicious.


This is an excerpt from a Sacred Union coaching session, shared with permission.
When we give ourselves fully to the journey as a path of advanced, accelerated healing will be exactly that. Advanced, accelerated healing that contributes to transformation of our world.
Your soul, my soul? We are embodied to help our beautiful planet heal herself, too.