Posted by on June 30, 2016

Stewert Swerdlow  shares information about being trained, as a young boy, to be an MKUltra super soldier at the Montauk, Long Island, New York military base. Stewert also references the Illuminati from a unique perspective. He was meant to be a tool used in furthering the Illuminati agenda.

Stewert Swerdlow has had very real challenges finding a path to deprogram himself; he helps other targeted and mind programmed individuals throw off control shackles. I find some videos in particular to be sources of verification for Dan Winter’s work.

Several details included in Stewert Swerdlow’s presentations don’t check out (because of my personal memory of events) but his information points back to Dan Winter’s work in an interesting way that connects lots of dots.

You decide whether these dots assist you on your path to purpose and accessing the sacred master key.

I affirm that most of this information is subjective in nature but this isn’t a reason to dismiss it all. Discernment is essential.