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Using this video you can choose to enter into a co-creative relationship with the Earth elementals who create and orchestrate our weather.

Consider the hurricane, tropical storm, typhoon:

hurricane structure_images


This Elemental creation is an energy vortex. We usually see the top vortex only as meteorologists track a storm system on radar. What we can’t see with the naked eye is the energy that is being sucked up into a corresponding bottom vortex.  Essentially, the Elementals form two cones, pointed ends meet in a null zone called the “eye”.

The storm wants to redistribute its “charge” and it can be attracted to bring itself toward land to release this “charge”.  Along with the electromagnetic charge release comes high winds and heavy rains. A storm can also be attracted to turn away from landfall, releasing its charge over water.

By entering into a co-creative relationship with the Earth elementals who gather charged particles of a storm, we can gently steer a storm away from land while assisting with better managing its electromagnetic charge so that it doesn’t take the form of chaos and destruction. The balance Gaia-Sophia and Elementals seek is accomplished as conscious human beings help to steer/release the charge particles in a conscious process.


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