Plasma Healing Takes Many Forms

Plasma energy healing makes complete sense. We live in an electric universe!

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Plasma energy healing uses the naturally organized forces to make changes in the basic structures of reality. Our DNA uses plasma energy to bend the light in our bodies. This light, or electrical charge, constantly moves in and out of the empty space between atoms into the moment-by-moment biological experience we call life. In a plasma energy healing, re-creation happens at the causal level.

Experiencing, Observing, Choosing

When we are really sick, we get help. We accept the assumption that external medical treatment can be effective. We believe that medical treatment can rearrange our molecules. Our personality/consciousness agrees to possibility of a medicine or treatment working. Plasma energy healing differs only in that the person in need of healing agrees to use the information available illness in a conscious way. The illness may drop us into painful memories. We might suddenly realize that anger is our favorite emotion. This information can transition us from being;

  • the experiencer (I’m sick)
  • to becoming the experiencer/observer (Why am I sick? What’s going on beneath the surface in addition to what’s happening in my body? What is my body telling me?)
  • to being the observer (Oh, I see…I understand)
  • to being the one who chooses (I choose to be the well, whole, and healed person I already am in body, mind, and spirit).

No judgment. A sense of curiosity. The plasma energy of unconditional love.

The choice to shift our attention from the one who experiences symptoms (the problem) to being the one who chooses (I am one with the Cause of the problem). We reorganize our personal energy field patterns into a higher and more coherent order of organization of our life force.  This eliminates the ‘field resistance and disruption’ that contributes to the disease pattern. We get it that all expressions of life arise from organized patterns of information that is alive. This process is the basis of plasma energy healing. Plasma energy healing can happen spontaneously!

As a plasma healer, I share a higher organization of life force with anyone open to this potential.

As a healer, how do I know when someone is open to plasma energy healing? I can feel it when the individual who is in pain and suffering has shifted some of their attention inward, say, towards the action of prayer, or meditation. The individual has opened their experience up to receiving love and support from other people. The individual is ready to take responsibility for the conditions of life force resistance. The individual is open to receiving information about their unique “field resistance and disruption.”  The person shifts be willing to be more conscious about their lives. He or she becomes excited about making new discoveries and changing. A person becomes aware of who they have refused to be. He or she wakes up to how they are denying their specific path to purpose.

Healing is a creative process that can only happen in the Now.

As a plasma energy healer, my task is to shift into no time — the Now — where all probabilities exist. This includes an non-verbal, energetic agreement to locate the probable reality where an individual is completely well. When this process is successful, it results in what we call complete recovery, or even a miracle.


I began to share plasma healing energy in 1989. It took a bit of “time” to rearrange the details of my personal life. I had  to make room for integrating and then sharing this gift. By 1991, I was sharing this sharing this gift with people who had been critically burned. Working side by side with physicians, we documented the results of people who had been suffering with some form of cancer. I formed valid, conclusions about the nature of plasma healing energy. It seemed like a good idea to teach other people. I started a two year training program for those others with the gift of some form of healing.

My evolution as a healer continues. Today, I don’t often see individual clients and my healing practice in that regard is quite limited. However, I have am learning to use plasma energy to heal environmental sicknesses that causing suffering for thousands of people, animals, and plants.

An example of plasma energy healing

Recently, I called a woman out of a coma. Donna Popo, is and elder and an artist. Donna came down with the flu. Within 48 hours she was in a coma. Diagnosis? Meningitis. Donna wasn’t expected to recover. At a party, a friend of Donna’s mentioned Donna’s sudden and very distressing turn in health. I said I would call Donna back from the brink. That was Saturday night. By Monday, Donna had awakened, her faculties completely intact. The medical team couldn’t explained what had happened. They called Donna’s return to life a miracle.

Many people care about Donna and her well-being and were praying for her. All is well. I’ve never met Donna Popo. All I had was her name. Donna’s friend became a “carrier wave” through which I could connect to Donna as a non-local interaction. I didn’t do a laying on of hands healing with Donna Popo in my office. I didn’t merge with her physical body/auric field/chakras while Donna was lying in a hospital bed.

Isn’t Donna’s story is a wonderful example of plasma energy healing?