What is the Sacred Master Key?

Sacred Master Key



The sacred master key is a spiritual attunement granting its holders access to information which co-create shifts in pur reality. The sacred master key can only be used with integrity and intention aligned with love, service to humanity, service to our planet Gaia-Sophia, and service to Source/Creativity.

The sacred master key can’t be conferred; it is earned. As a holder of the Sacred Master Key, I am assist new key-holders in their preparation to use the sacred master key in their co-creative collaborations and spiritual missions.

Spiritual Maturity and Wisdom

Compare and contrast is one of the most useful attributes of the human mind! We learn who we are, and who we are not. We learn what we need, and what we want. We learn what to move toward, and what to avoid. When we use compare and contrast with hindsight, the ability to self-reflect on our experiences, we learn what we’ve created unconsciously (mistake) and how this has hurt others and ourselves; from this first initiation into self-reflection we eventually learn how we create consciously. With spiritual maturity and the acquisition of wisdom, the desire to manifest for ourselves alone evolves into a deep desire to co-create for the benefit of all life and to take up our divine birthright as co-creators who contribute to the infinite expansion of Source/Creativity.

Source Creativity

In discussing the sacred master key, we need to also make the distinction between creation (which can and has been high-jacked by all sorts of unsavory types) with Source/Creativity. Source/Creativity is a living, dynamic, ever-changing, infinitely evolving, intelligent and loving presence that permeates all creation and initiates all creation. Human beings are a genetic fractal species of Source/Creativity. The sacred master key is an expression of Source/Creativity consciousness operating in the human sphere. We are able to access creative, life-affirming solutions for any situation on planet earth, the embodiment of Gaia-Sophia.

To be ready to receive the blessing of the sacred master key, be on your path to purpose. Being on your path to purpose doesn’t mean you have your path all figured out. In fact, being on your path to purpose means you are living in the now, connected to Source/Creativity. You are experienced in the art and craft of manifestation but you have crossed the threshold into co-creating with other human beings and with Gaia-Sophia; you are part of creating a force that orchestrates and maintains planetary transformation according to Gaia-Sophia’s sovereignty.

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