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What is the Sacred Master Key?

The sacred master key (and its lock) work thus. The the sacred master lock can be adhered to any space, dimension, surface, air, water…whatever…where information needs to be accessed to serve the well-being of all. A sacred master key unlocks multi-dimensional information needed in any scenario just for the asking; it’s a limitless, free resource.

I didn’t know anything about the existence of the sacred master key until the end of June of 2016. I’d never heard of such a thing!

Keepers of the Sacred Master Key…

I’ve used direct knowledge, the gift of clairsentience, in auric field healing (people and animals) since 1990, plasma healing of life form templates (Ebola virus), and remote long distance healing (global conflict) along with the practice of rearranging molecules to shift to a desirable reality.

On Sunday, June 26, 2016 under Gaia-Sophia’s direction and with her permission I performed a specific action on her behalf. My memory of being a keeper of a sacred master key came during a dream the next day Monday, June 27, 2016. The memory and understanding of the sacred master key was revealed through dreaming, a consistent and very important feature of my DNA activation. The sacred master key is not a physical object but understanding its use, it’s immensely valuable and I clearly don’t have to worry about losing it. This a very pleasurable notion.

Here’s the dream:

I’m with my grand-daughter at a roof top party.  This is a relaxed, very pleasant environment on a lovely warm evening. My grand-daughter and I plan to leave the party shortly because we have a scheduled flight to California. We are not pressed for time. My grand-daughter isn’t quite ready to leave, so I decide to explore at the environment we’re in. There is no railing around the roof top patio. I’m wearing a dress. I reach a corner of the roof and I lean over to take a look at the ground below. I’m aware that because I’m wearing a dress, and I realized that I’m on the verge of revealing a bit to much of my hind parts. In pulling up a bit to reveal less of my thighs, I feel my balance shifting and realize that I’m going to fall off the roof. In the split seconds the followed, I appreciated that hitting the ground would hurt and so this wasn’t a desirable outcome but I didn’t resist the fall. Instead, I gathered up my consciousness in such a way that I turned around, head up, and like a squirrel, I used hands and feet to scamper down the meeting edge between two walls of this multi-story building. After scampering down to the height where I could comfortably let go, fall, and not be hurt? I let go.

Where I landed, I was near the earthen ramp that wound in a spiral back up to the roof top patio. My grand-daughter had seen me fall. She could see I wasn’t hurt. However, she asked, “Do you still have the key?” Oh…I hadn’t worried about that at all, but I checked my pocket and pulled out an old fashioned key. “Yes, I’ve got the key.”  Then I reached into my pocket again and pulled out the matching lock. The lock had a very definitive shape. And as I held it up to the sky, I could see through the keyhole. At that moment, I REMEMBERED what this free standing lock and its ancient key are for.

It was time to leave the party. My grand-daughter said, “You know, I think I’d like to have one of those.”

We had time to get one for her before we caught our flight to California. My grand-daughter got the last one. I interpret this as meaning that after her generation, the sacred master lock may no longer be necessary as a tool of planetary transformation on planet earth because it will be Gaia and humanity mission accomplished.


The day after I received my sacred master key, and its companion lock, I did a search on YouTube for the term sacred master key.  The search returned a list of videos about the “master key.”  Clearly, all of the videos listed were about the art and craft of willful manifestation. The majority of the videos featured men, or featured the written works of men.  This raised a flag for me, so I watched several videos and my observations were confirmed. The process and programs related the “the master key” were all focused on willful manifestation to satisfy the wants of the ego self: big house, fancy car, hot babe — material wealth.

Here’s information from Helmar Rudolph on the “master key system” developed by Charles F. Haanel that focuses on love, health, and wealth — the craft of manifestation.


Think you know about the secret? Maybe not.

This differs from the path of purpose where you evolve or remember your state of essential being (consciousness/awareness), and receiving the sacred master key is an appropriate gift.



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