Every reality we experience is a virtual reality because every reality is the product of a state of awareness, and of consciousness. We’re at a fork in the road. Which will you choose? Will you choose Artificial Intelligence Reality in which you no longer function as a sovereign, soul-sourced being? Or will you choose reality consciously co-created by human beings and Gaia-Sophia, an experience made possible by your sovereign, soul-sourced being?

Here’s the really cool thing….human co-created reality doesn’t create mountains of black plastic that won’t break down organically and can’t be reused by Gaia-Sophia to recycle her precious matter. Human co-created reality doesn’t require batteries, or electricity. We are all that. Yes, we are and it’s time we begin co-creating responsibly and forward human evolution rather than extinguishing the glorious experiment that we know of as humanity.

How aware of you of the dangers of our creeping toward 2045? Artificial Intelligence is a problem and you can be part of the solution by informing yourself and by clearing your energy field of any AI interface that is interfering with your free will functioning right now.


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