Gaia-Sophia’s Human DNA

A search for a reliable history of the development of human DNA is critical to humanity’s awakening. DNA activation is connected to Gaia-Sophia’s transformation, her sovereignty and course correction. Hopefully we genetically morphing Homo Sapiens are invited to participate in the next phase of this galactic adventure!

What is happening on planet Earth now is all about who controls DNA. I suggest that it’s time for homo sapiens to take control of our unique and extremely valuable DNA — all of it — including what is known as our ‘junk genes.’

Over the course of decades in trying to understand and appreciate the wonder and history of human DNA, I have been faithful to my personal spiritual process: as within, so without. Humanity is at the threshold of the 11th cycle of Humanity Evolving. As I write this, I am naturally and organically morphing into human DNA version 11.0.  Artificial Intelligence or DNA manipulation in the 20th and 21st centuries have nothing to do with the activation or evolution of my DNA. We all need to ask what is the history of human DNA? And then you may ask what about your genealogy, the history of your divine human DNA.

What is the History of Human DNA?

We already have multiple historic examples of the results of tweaking are two strand human DNA.

Our two stands of DNA reflects the genetic engineering of beings from the Sirius Star Cluster; Enki and Enlil. As a result of this tinkering, we have a combination of mammalian DNA and reptilian DNA, with the reptilian genetics being recessive. This program of genetic engineering was implemented to develop a race of worker humanoids who could follow instructions sufficiently to mine gold for off-planet use.

This first phase tinkering was for this purpose only; however, Enki chose the humanoid to alter based on its unique attribute of compassion.

The second phase tinkering was for the purpose of generating a solution to failing DNA of our reptilian relatives in the Orion Star Cluster. If successful, this would eliminate the need for ingesting monatomic gold to keep DNA viable. This second phase involved the beings known as the Nephalim mating with the human females developed through Enki’s manipulations.

The third phase tinkering happened as part of Enki’s rebellion from Enlil’s heartless management of planet Earth.

The fourth and final phase of genetic tinkering came when Enki’s garden Lemuria was destroyed by Enlil’s Atlantis culture. Enki used his sperm to enable the human beast to have psycho-kenetic properties of the advanced humonoids who had colonized planet Earth. These properties include telepathy, clairsentience, remote viewing, time manipulation, and restructuring the elemental aspects of creation.

The Old Template: Endless Internal and External Conflict

The Enki/Enlil mamalian/reptialian genetic template remains the same. This template codes power-over, deliberate generation of conflict and murder, human and animal sacrifice to gods, worship of wrathful, vengeful gods who are sociopaths at best and psychopaths, at worst. These ‘masters of the universe’ maintain a capricious create/destroy  relationship with human devotees.

We effectively enslave ourselves to carry out the “will” of the gods.

  • Aeon Sophia Co-Created Anthropos Human DNA
  • Archon Dimensional Beings (no DNA), Sophia’s anomaly beings (the Grays)
  • Orion Star System Draco/Reptilian Humanoid Race
  • Orion Star System Wolf/Dog Humanoid Race
  • Enki,  Sirius creator god (geneticist, divine spark DNA)
  • Enlil, Sirius destroyer god (Nephilim damaged DNA)
  • Ishtar, Sirius creator god (sister to Enki and Enlil, geneticist)

Robert Morning Sky   Excerpt from Terra Papers

Thomas Mills     Global Maps Connected to Hopi Culture

The New Template Yet to Be

At this time, it is my hope that everyone accessing my teaching/information will push back very hard so that we humans prevail in not allowing any further developments in creating any life forms from synthetic or simulated human DNA. This agenda has been an attempt on the part of Archon and the Nephalim/Dragon/Reptilian alliance to acquire physical immortality without having to access to a soul or Source/Creativity.

These anti-life, anti-human, anti-earth agents have no hope of a future without gaining control of our human DNA. These agents have “stolen” our human genome by convincing organic human beings that all genetic experiments are only set up to benefit mankind — curing very rare diseases, and the like, in the future. Let me repeat, this rationale is false and deliberately deceiving to maintain the misplace trust of homo sapiens.

DNA and Epigenetics

Are you aware that Google has taken out a patent on human DNA ‘junk genes’?  This is appalling, and reveals the darker agenda at work through the Internet by those agents who want to maintain control of information and, of course, the internet as a source of information.

Right now, the scientific community has control of a synthetic version of the human genome. In our state of global slumber, the 99%  have allowed this to happen, being assured by many scientists that creating and using a synthetic human genome is good for the 99%, the humans, in terms of the future of humanity on earth.

21st century Genetic engineering has absolutely no relationship with the continued well-being of humanity. This rationale is false and deliberately deceiving. It has everything to do with creating a Cyborg race, a combination of Reptilian DNA and Artificial Intelligence/Synthetic Human DNA. The fundamental agenda for eons has been to keep planet earth entrapped in an inorganic planetary system and to maintain a slave population to support colonization of Orion empire and its various alliances that are pillaging the earth of its resources.

Over the course of decades in trying to understand and appreciate the wonder and

Learn more…for your consideration…let your discernment be operational as you listen. I’m deeply indebted to the research of the following individuals. I don’t assert to you that their results are 100% truthful, accurate, or practically useful. I can only affirm what has been valuable to me as I piece together a truth my body/DNA recognizes.

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Thomas Mills     Global Maps Connected to Hopi Culture

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Robert Morning Sky   Excerpt from Terra Papers

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