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Making The Leap Forward

Researchers have spent their entire lives piecing together information about the history of human DNA so we are better able to consciously guide our DNA leap forward into this cycle of opportunity.

My path to purpose is synthesis, with love and clarity, that which contributes to freeing Gaia-Sophia and her children from Earth’s traumatic past. In this cycle of planetary awakening, many ancient histories (written fragments and oral histories carefully passed on) reveal similar and very consistent pattern.

What my research reveals is an extremely limiting compartmentalization of information regarding DNA and the leap forward.

We were physicians, we would quickly recognize the forensic patterns of systemic organization characterized as a disease, particularly extremely deadly and destructive diseases, like cancer, that eventually destroy its host body. By engaging in a conscious relationship with our DNA, we make the DNA leap forward into a synthesis with Gaia-Sophia’s genome.

I have access to enough family genealogy to know my genetics were extremely unique at the time of my birth in mid-20th century: Chinese, Italian, African, Blackfeet, Scotch, and Irish. Chinese and Italian ancestry, going back a thousand years or more, would bring a high probability of Aryan or Persian genetics. In addition to my human DNA, my soul star group is Pleiadian, and all memory of my history of lifetimes on Earth were downloaded in 1989. I know the history of my human DNA, and since DNA is a living, dynamic substance that shapes light into form my unique DNA has been instrumental to my ongoing awakening journey.

Conscious relationships to all life on earth created by Gaia-Sophia implies a natural discontinuation of any form of worship. We transition from a state of worship to a state of being in conscious relationship with love, information, and creative energy.

On this site, you’ll find a useful synthesis of information about the story of humanity. From this synthesis, you are encouraged to explore how our natural organic genetic development (as intended by Gaia-Sophia) was high-jacked by technically advanced beings from the Orion star system. These beings occupy a specific region in our Milky Way galaxy. We contemplate the reality that Gaia-Sophia herself was high-jacked, trapped in an inorganic planetary system constructed by Archons, also known as The Watchers, her accidental “children.”

We open our eyes to see that Gaia-Sophia’s material body planet Earth is being used to maintain humans as a slave race on a colonized, prison planet.

We then ask, who controls this planet?  An alliance of Archons, Reptilians, and other humanoids who benefit from plundering Gaia for the unique resources she creates as her material body.

The technically advanced beings who engineered human DNA have no souls; they are not connected to Source of all Being.

For millennia, the Archons, Reptilians, and Dog races have regarded human beings much the same way as humans regard cows, pigs, or chickens. We do the work of beings who consider themselves superior life forms. We provide the basis of a massive cash crop system imposed on planet Earth.

Your Challenge and Opportunity

Do you know the Gnostic creation myth of Aeon Sophia? Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this narrative. My thirty year spiritual evolution, spontaneous kundalini awakening at age 39, my connection to my Meta Being and Source/Creativity resonate with this narrative. It satisfies.

John Lamb Lash has poured through the Nag Hammadi Library to piece together the narrative of Aeon Sophia and the event that morphed her into planet earth. John Lamb Lash has given dozens of interviews. I have listened to most of them, but this interview with Lisa M. Harrison combines the best of male/female attunement to the quest for knowledge and truth.

Years ago, I read Elaine Pagels book “The Nag Hammadi Library.” I’ve also had the privilege of viewing these documents and the Dead Sea Scrolls in my travels about the globe.

I do not align 100% with John Lamb Lash’s orientation toward solution about the Archon problem. There are beings alive on planet earth today who support correction of this problem with our creative birthright. We are here specifically for this purpose. This is our path to purpose.

You are responsible for discerning the truth about your human existence. Take the information presented here into consideration. May  your DNA,  higher consciousness, and discernment guide you on your path to purpose.

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