Living Lessons Members:  Trauma and Your DNA

Earth Trauma Signatures Damage Your DNA

Simply put, your genetic code (DNA) is the instructions manual for your physical body. Less commonly understood is that your DNA is the interface between Spirit/Soul/Mind/Emotions and your body. DNA has the power to "bend" light and to entrain light into stable forms.

Take away the DNA code instructions, light that has passed through DNA coding will hold onto form instructions until new information comes to change the message. This makes it possible to maintain stable form continuity as protons of light dance through us.

Clearing your DNA of earth trauma signatures. This is a two step process.

There are three distinct pathways of awareness that lead to unconscious elements of earth trauma signatures living in your DNA.

  • sensation, pain, fear, flashes of massive earth changes (predictive programming)
  • out of context emotion evokes images of death, destruction, loss of beloved community
  • abrupt collision with time loop memory; you have sorrow, memory and feelings of loss that arise seemingly without a specific trigger; memories feel old and not from your now

Use the detailed self-healing process outlined in the pdf download. Click on the link below.


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More Information

DNA is living information; DNA coding responds to information and adapts based on new information. Light moving through our DNA navigates the "gap" between established information our cells use to generate form and function and new information that changes form and function.

Trauma experience produces information. Short light wave information forms an event moving through us from what we perceive to be outside of us, and our sense of individuality. Earth trauma signatures are clusters of light that organize experience on longer carrier waves. Long waves of information can become trapped in matter, in a pattern, or time loop that interferes with healthy DNA replication and adaptation.

Over time, both long and short waves of unconscious emotional information embedded as trauma (magnetic and electric) emotional charge can damage our DNA.