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Each one of us can each contribute to global transformation in way that’s free and doesn’t take up a lot of time. And yes, you can plug in with just an intentional breath and an easy to do self-healing process.

Healing our earth trauma signatures is to the next decade what emotional body clearing was to the first decade of this century.

What is this all about? Details follow.

  • Find your center of attention and place it in your consciousness as an observer/co-creator.
  • Ask yourself which earth trauma signature you are part of cleaning up.

For example, If you’re concerned about run-away technology with no thought about negative consequences or long term impact on human society, this reflects a trauma signature from deep memory about Atlantis and destruction. Or, you can also be plugged into this trauma signature from the Lemurian side of the trauma in which Lemuria was destroyed by the Atlantean culture.

If you’re concerned about run-away experiments on humans with man-made bio-weapons, you are likely cleaning up deep memory about Holocaust activities or U.S. government bi-weapon experiments on unsuspecting black men using syphilis bacteria; these activities happened without the consent of people on the receiving end of the experimental protocols.

If you’re concerned specifically with the run-away consequences of nuclear power and are amazed that no major leader in the world has mentioned the nuclear melt-down in Japan or its impact on our world, you are plugged into the trauma signature of World War II nuclear attacks on Japan. And, we can see here the result of failing to clean, clear and take responsibility for collective human intentional destruction — man’s inhumanity.

If you’re plugged into the suppression of women and violence against women, you may be rooting for women in leadership positions without taking into consideration other factors besides gender, money/power, and seeking the pleasure of revenge for violent suppression of women in the past.

These are just a few examples of the earth trauma signature frequency patterns up for clearing and healing.

In these times, each earth trauma frequency has been — well, think of it as freeze dried frequencies — warmed up and served to human beings around the planet in order to highjack our emotions and capacity to co-create sane, healthy, secure realities.

We are being manipulated into repeat manifestations of these earth trauma signatures, all of them being ‘played’ simultaneously.

I believe you can feel how stressful this is for all human beings on an unconscious level and how disturbing this is to planet earth on a practical level.

Here’s how you can reset the energies playing out.

All you need to do is recognize the “fear frequency” of a pattern in your psyche/soul. Then take a breath and state out loud: “I declare this trauma signature frequency contract null and void across all realms and realities, past, present and future.”

Bring the power of sound and the word to your commitment to heal and be a completely free and sovereign soul sourced human being.

How long would it take you to do this? Less than fifteen minutes. Of course, as you become aware of a substantive echo from any earth trauma signature in your life, you can do more with transmuting that particular DNA signature for yourself.

When you take five minutes to intentionally place your inward/outer attention in this way you’re communicating with your “junk genes” and making an enormous contribution to planetary transformation!

This is one use of the sacred master key.

I hope you’ll try releasing any earth trauma signatures that are lingering in your energy field. Enjoy what follows being a conscious co-creator, one choice at a time.

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Anaiis Salles