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Dear Anaiis, thank you! Your webinar on Sunday was incredible! As a visual learner the PPT components/slide show created terrific flow and continuity. Christmas 🎄 has really come early for me. Not in the material sense, but in the more significant and permanent sense of personal bliss and constant happiness! All I need is one word or a simple mental cue from you and I go looking and the answers that I need seem to come to me by some form of miraculous cerebral download. I am able to think in the now or present and think so much more positively. No more Henny Penny "The Sky is Falling" for me as the negativity is melting away. At first I was not very trusting, then something sparked inside of me saying that I must learn from this person. The day you literally answered my phone call/cry for help, both my joy and happiness have increased infinitely! Life is not an express train 🚂 and we stop at many stations to pickup up passengers along the way. I am cannot express in words how grateful I am to you that you boarded my passenger coach!
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